Paano Maiwasan Ang Impatso Sa Noche Buena

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Paano Maiwasan Ang Impatso Sa Noche Buena?

It's finally time to bring out your family's famous fruit salad recipe to prepare for Noche Buena. But it may also be time to remind ourselves how to avoid indigestion during the holiday season.

Everyone knows that the Philippines celebrates the longest Christmas season. Once the calendar pages turn to September, eager Filipinos start planning their holidays and shopping for festive home decorations.

Aside from midnight mass, an important Christmas tradition in the country is to have a big, delicious meal on Noche Buena, the night before Christmas. Families and friends gather on Christmas eve to prepare all the delectable viands and desserts that must be present during this meaningful meal. You simply cannot have a Filipino Noche Buena without staples like Christmas ham with pineapple glaze, queso de bola, hot chocolate, bibingka, puto bumbong, leche flan, and the list goes on.

Because it is very easy to overeat during the holidays, you may have stomach pain during or after your meal. To prevent this from happening, let’s take a quick look at how indigestion happens and some tips to help you when it happens.

Ano ang Indigestion o Impatso?

Indigestion is more commonly known as impatso to Filipinos. Also known as dyspepsia, it is a discomfort that someone feels in their stomach. Symptoms related to indigestion include burning abdominal pain, bloating, and an uncomfortable feeling of fullness during or after your meal.

This condition is often due to overeating or eating too quickly, but it can also be a reaction to certain food, medication, or even stressful situations. It may also be a sign of other underlying conditions such as acid reflux or GERD, but it would be best to consult a doctor.

However, indigestion is not usually a cause for concern and can be managed with a few simple lifestyle changes.

Paano maiwasan ang impatso sa Noche Buena?

Getting indigestion is fairly common, especially towards the end of the year when there are many celebrations. To help you and your loved ones continue to enjoy all your upcoming holiday parties, we’ve compiled a few tips to prevent indigestion.

Refrain from eating food that upsets your stomach

If you notice that a certain food or drink gives you a stomach ache, it would be wise to avoid them. Some beverages that can cause indigestion are coffee, caffeinated drinks, and alcohol. You may also want to minimize eating overly spicy or fatty food or having too many citrus fruits and juices.

Eat slowly and in smaller portions

Though the whole buffet table may be appetizing, remember to take your time while eating your meal. Slowing down allows you to chew your food properly and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Also, consider eating earlier in the evening so that you can have a good night's sleep without a stomach ache.

Take an antacid

Antacids are medications that reduce the effects of acid in the stomach by neutralizing them, providing immediate relief. These medications come in many forms, such as chewable tablets, dissolving tablets, and liquids.

Mabisang proteksyon at gamot para sa impatso

Gaviscon tablets help relieve indigestion and other symptoms of GERD due to acid reflux. It is a fast-acting chewable antacid that neutralizes stomach acid for long-lasting relief.

You can also take Gaviscon liquid, which comes in convenient, easy-to-carry sachets or bottles for your home’s medicine kit. Gaviscon can be taken by adults and children 12 years old and above.

For extra help, tryGaviscon Double Action, which targets both indigestion andheartburn from hyperacidity.

Yummy Noche Buena food is difficult to resist, but eating too much may make it equally difficult to enjoy the rest of the festivities. Since Christmas happens only once a year, it’s important to make every moment with your family count.

Luckily, small changes to your daily eating habits and trustworthy medicine like Gaviscon lessen the chances of getting indigestion. With these tips, we hope you and your loved ones fully enjoy all your Noche Buena moments. — (MyPharma)

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