Illustration of a mom preparing her child for back-to-school

Illustration of a mom preparing her child for back-to-school

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5 Tips To Boost Kids’ Safety & Energy for Back-To-School

Kids heading back to school can stir up some mixed feelings for parents. To soothe these worries, arm your kids with the best vitamins and healthy habits to keep them safe and ready to conquer their classes.

Two years of remote learning surely wasn't a walk in the park. Moms and dads had to step in as home tutors while juggling work at the side. Meanwhile, kids had to bear laggy Zoom lectures and long-distance friendships.

It's no wonder that as news broke that schools are opening once again for in-person classes, many students felt the weight lift from their shoulders.

But there are also clear disadvantages of face-to-face classes in the Philippines. Now that thousands of kids are heading back to school, we must bear the pre-pandemic levels of congested morning traffic.

Still, if you're a parent, your biggest worry is if your kids will be safe to return to their classrooms.

Is face-to-face learning that effective?

Teachers have shared that remote and online learning is not as effective as classroom-based teaching. Compared to online courses, children get to benefit from peer support and have better relationships with their teachers while in class.

Group work activities and presentations are effective ways to nurture students' soft skills, which may be difficult in an online setup. Kids also concentrate more in classrooms than at home, where distractions wait at each corner.

So to ensure that kids enjoy all the benefits of face-to-face learning, here are some ways you can prepare their energy and immunity for back-to-school.

Back-To-School Tips For Parents

You may worry if kids will follow all the safety protocols you've taught them. But it would help if you gave your child some credit. Two years of school lockdowns has ingrained the importance of following health reminders. But if that's not enough, rest assured that their teachers will remind them in class.

Kids will also know when you're carrying some anxiety, and it's important you don't pass this worry on to them. Instead, it would help if you were teaching them some ways on how they can manage theirs. Help them navigate through first-day jitters and support them the best you can.

Your focus now should be on ensuring they have all the nutrients they need to excel in class and prevent sick days at home. Here are some ideas you can try.

Pack nutritious lunch boxes

What your kids eat throughout the day affects how they play, perform, and concentrate in their classes. That's why if you're packing their lunch, you must fill it with the right mix of healthy food groups. Aim for a balanced diet that their body will love. It's also best to avoid added sugar as it may have a negative impact on their performance.

Here's how to check if their meals are prepared for their nutrient needs:

  • Contains healthy carbohydrates (ex. whole grain bread or rice, pasta)
  • Has a serving of fruits and vegetables (ex. carrots and orange slices
  • Packed with a good amount of protein (ex. boiled egg, chicken, tuna)

Plan out their sleep & exercise

Kids spend most of the day sitting in class, and once they get home, they may even have some homework to finish. It's no secret that their schedules are jam-packed, so you must ensure they're getting enough time for rest and play.

As early as now, help your kids form healthy sleeping and exercise habits. Both of these activities increase the number of natural killer cells in the body to boost your child's immune system.

Fill their appetite for school

Arm them with the best vitamins for kids' immune system. But if your child's still fussy with their meals, making them eat all the food groups isn't easy. Luckily, some multivitamins and supplements can support their appetite and nutrient needs.

Need more tips on how to motivate picky eaters? Check out this article, where we share some helpful strategies.

Appetite Plus

If you've got a fussy eater at home, Appetite Plus is here to the rescue. This kids' vitamin supplement comes with Vitamin C and B-Complex to fill in the nutrients your child needs for energy and immunity.

Appetite with Iron

When kids need to focus on their tasks and activities, that's where iron comes in to help. Improve your child's concentration and brain health with Appetite with Iron. Fill them up with the nutrients they need to excel at school.

Look into brain vitamins for kids

Sharpen your child's mind by focusing on brain foods. The brain is hungry for nutrients, so if you wish your kids to be at the top of their class, it's time to invest in brain vitamins like omega-3, vitamin D, and B12. Making a few tweaks to your habits can also help facilitate sharper memory. For their brain development, here are some brain-boosting tips you can do.

Get Vitamin B12 for kids' energy support

Keep a close eye on your child's physical and mental energy. If they're not feeling a hundred percent, they may be unprepared to face the day's challenges. Kids who have Vitamin B12 deficiency may also find some trouble with constipation and managing their appetite.

So if you have active kids who juggle their academics with extra-curricular activities, they need all the support they can get.

With Berocca Performance, they will never be in short supply of energy. This Vitamin B12 supplement is packed with other vitamins and minerals. Kids will definitely get to maximize all the nutrients from the food they eat with Berocca.

Let’s make sure kids will have a smooth time going back to school. With your help as parents, kids will be prepared for any bumps up ahead. Take note of the tips we've shared and make school their safe space, with no worries in place. — (MyPharma)

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