Brain Boosters: 7 Ways To Enhance Your Memory

If your memory has failed you twice enough times, it’s no longer an issue that you can simply ignore. Invite new practices into your routine to keep your mind present and sharp.

Everyone has had their fair share of forgetfulness. It may be that you’ve lost your car keys at some point or forgotten an errand that you’ve planned weeks before. These memory lapses can happen to anyone at any time, whether you’re a student trying to remember the correct answer for an exam or a parent trying to recall the last time you restocked the groceries.

Although having an occasional lapse in your memory is normal, these once-in-while incidents, when left alone, can also become a frustrating routine. Before your memory gets any worse, it’s time that you swap out unhealthy habits that may be affecting your mental recall. Here are some brain-boosting tips so you can keep memories far longer.

1. Track your eating habits

Much like how your limbs need the right food to function properly, your brain also needs the proper nutrients to help it stay in the best shape. Fatty fish that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids is a top choice as memory-enhancing food. Omega-3 is beneficial to the brain as it uses these fats to sharpen memory and prevent cognitive decline. In contrast, you may find detrimental effects by consuming refined sugar and carb-heavy food. Several studies have shown that these food types are linked to diminished mental performance.

ATC OmegaMax

Get your daily dose of Omega-3 with ATC OmegaMax fish oil supplements. Aside from supporting brain health, supplementing with these healthy fats also benefits your heart.

2. Train your brain

When gears are left idle over time, they can get rusty —and it’s the same for your brain. Get your mind working by doing mental exercises that are great to keep your brain in top condition. Learning new skills that you’ve never done before trains your brain to process faster and retain information longer. Challenge yourself to go beyond your usual tasks and go for activities that encourage you to step outside your comfort zone.

3. Reserve enough time for sleep

Your sleeping cycle plays a fundamental role in taking care of your memory recall. If you've had the habit of sleeping late and doing all-nighters, you're not only harming your mental performance but also your overall well-being. Make it a point to maintain a regular sleeping schedule which gets you around 7 to 9 hours of rest. Instead of depriving yourself of much-needed sleep, gift yourself a nighttime routine that allows you to replenish the energy you need for the next day.

4. Wake up to a daily workout

Starting your day with a round of exercise will certainly put your mind and body in a suitable working condition. Exerting physical effort increases the oxygen levels in your brain, which is excellent for stimulation while also reducing stress hormones. Keep in mind that exercise that gets your blood pumping is beneficial to your brain. Go for aerobic workouts or physical activities that train your hand-eye coordination, which is ideal for brain development.

5. Keep your stress levels in check

When you let stress get the best of you, this can largely influence your brain performance. Although stress in moderation may be beneficial, as it helps you stay alert and focused, having it in excess can also upset your body. In the worst case scenario, prolonged stress can hamper your ability to store memories. Make sure that you're looking out for your brain health by setting healthy boundaries and learning how to relieve stress.

6. Try out mindfulness and meditation

Practicing mindfulness and meditation puts your brain in the best state to unlock its potential. Mindfulness is a practice that teaches you to be aware of your surroundings and feelings, which promotes calmness for your mind and body. Studies have revealed that those who've undergone mindfulness training resulted in a boost in memory recall. Meanwhile, meditation sessions boost short-term memory and retain information longer.

7. Engage with your social circle

Being surrounded by your tribe, your closest friends, and your family helps ward off stress and memory decline. Hanging out with your loved ones is the ultimate stress-reliever and brain-booster, as research shows the positive link between social interaction and improved memory. Here's an advice from your #KapitbahayPharmacy: Don't hesitate to schedule regular calls with your friends to check in and replenish your need for social interaction.

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Tweak your habits to create a routine that sets your brain for the best performance. At the same time, take on safe and reliable supplements like Memo Plus Gold. Utilizing the memory-boosting feature of the herb Bacopa Monniera, Memo Plus Gold is an effective natural memory enhancer that boosts your focus and reduces stress.

Be present and make every day count, knowing that special moments are safe in your memories. Take on brain-healthy practices starting today and take your worries of forgetting tasks and birthdays down the drain. — (MyPharma)

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