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Why You Should Invite Lolo & Lola For Exercise

Help lolo and lola regain their strength by slowly reintroducing them to healthy physical activities.

Remote work has brought you out of the office and back home. This sudden shift working from home has many benefits, such as less money spent on your commute or on gas and more time spent being productive. One positive part about remote work is being able to spend more time with your family. However, since the whole family is at home most of the time, you and your family members may be less active than you would like.

Because of health-related restrictions, families have spent less time outside the past few years. Social distancing also decreased the interactions with your immediate community. During these trying times, it is always a good idea to check in with your parents or grandparents to see how they are doing.

While it is understandable for them to be cautious, they have fewer opportunities than you to be active due to their age. They may need your help incorporating more physical movement into their daily life.

Why is fitness important in old age?

Whether they live with you or on their own, closely monitoring lolo and lola’s health can help them be healthier and live longer. One of the best ways to do this is to help them form a habit of exercising a few times a week.

Older adults, especially those used to typical office work, are prone to sedentary lifestyles. Most of the time, they are at their desks working on computers or mobile devices. Less movement means that adults may develop weak muscles and fragile bones as they age.

An active lifestyle boosts immunity

Regular physical activities are key to healthy aging. Having an active lifestyle prevents bone loss and delays many chronic medical conditions. Most adults aged 60 and older can safely exercise for 150 minutes or 2 1/2 hours per week. Those with chronic conditions and mobility issues can adjust their activities to fit their abilities.

Exercise promotes mental health

Exercise is associated with a better overall mood and can possibly improve cognitive function. Increased physical activity gives older adults more energy throughout the day and boosts their self-confidence.

An active lifestyle enables our grandparents to enjoy more things that life has to offer. Now that the world is opening up, we must help lolo and lola commit to a healthier and happier life. To help with your new fitness journey, here are some family exercises to try with your grandparents:

1. Partner warm-up exercises

Lolo and lola need to know that you have their back before they begin any physical activity. What better way to restart this healthy habit than to turn it into a family activity?

Simple yet dynamic warm-up exercises are a great way to incorporate physical activity bit by bit without overwhelming older adults. Lolo and lola can partner with you, with another family member, or with each other. These warm-ups can be broken into three 10-minute sets or modified to a sitting position if they have difficulty keeping up.

2. Low impact aerobic exercises

When lolo and lola have gained more confidence, they can try low impact aerobic exercises to elevate their heart rate and build endurance. These types of activities improve their cardiovascular functions and reduce blood pressure.

Aside from taking a walk or a bike ride, they can try swimming which is easier on the knees. For an added challenge, they can try yoga to improve their balance and flexibility.

3. Social dancing and dance mixers

Dancing is an exercise similar to other cardiovascular activities. Social dancing can prevent some diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Your parents or grandparents can meet other like-minded lolos and lolas who share their interests and fitness goals in these dance mixers.

Ballroom dancing and Zumba are great ways for older adults to expand their social networks. Older adults who exercise together forge new connections with people their age and motivate each other to stay healthy.

Support their mobility with Recogen

In your new active family routine, lolo and lola might be doing exercises that involve a lot of movement in the muscles and joints in their bodies. They may need extra support now that they are more active.

High-quality supplements like Recogen can strengthen an older adult’s joints and improve mobility. Taking Recogen can also help them recover faster from their workouts. On the one hand, collagen helps in relieving any stiffness or joint pain. On the other, calcium lactate helps to make bones stronger and healthier.

Before starting any exercise regimen, we recommend consulting with your lolo and lola’s physicians to learn which options are right for their health and activity level. Making sure that they are exercising safely is of the utmost importance. Aside from being with them on their fitness journey, be sure to cheer them on so they are motivated to continue taking care of their health. — (MyPharma)

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