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Try This: Mga Home Remedy sa Lagnat ng Bata

When your child feels unwell, it can send you into a worrying spell. But treating the common fever is easy if you know how to manage its symptoms, have reliable medicines on hand, and have your doctor's guidance.

Though fever is quite common for kids, every time it happens parents are still worried about their little one’s health. That is why it's no wonder that in some families, a few reliable home remedies are passed down from elders like your lolo and lola.

Massaging the back and feet with Efficascent oil or Vicks Vapor Rub are just some of the many ways to help a family member with a fever.

But aside from this, there are many more ways to help kids reduce their fever and nurse them back to health. For parents especially, finding the best option backed by science and approved by healthcare providers is important.

In this article, we'll share tried and proven home remedies you can do, as well as practical and affordable medicines available with hassle-free, online delivery!

Anong gagawin para bumaba ang lagnat?

Often, when children have a fever, they may also feel lightheaded or have other symptoms like cough, runny nose, and body pain. When your child reports feeling any of these, you can get a thermometer to check their temperature.

A temperature above 37°C up to 38.5°C is considered a low-grade fever, and anything higher than this is identified as a high-grade fever. For infants and toddlers, a temperature that goes up to 38.5°C will require a visit to your doctor.

Otherwise, here are just some practical methods used by parents and backed by healthcare professionals to help bring down a fever. You can follow these to provide great care and support for your child.

1. Sponge bath

Giving a child a sponge bath with cool water is an effective method for reducing fever. You may do this for 20 minutes and repeat as needed.

2. Proper hydration

Providing plenty of water for the child helps maintain hydration and removes toxins from the body. You may also offer electrolyte replacement drinks for faster recovery.

3. Adequate rest

Sufficient rest is crucial for a child's recovery. Avoid strenuous activities and provide a comfortable place for them to rest.

4. Cool compress

Placing a cool compress on the child's forehead, neck, and underarms can help lower their fever. If an ice pack isn't available at home, you may also use a cool, damp towel.

Ano ang sanhi ng pabalik-balik na lagnat?

Bringing down your kid's fever is not where your job ends. Knowing the primary cause of their fever is also crucial so that the fever doesn't come back.

Take note that a fever is typically the body's response against an infection. And as such, apart from reducing the fever, you should also be treating the main cause. Here are some reasons your child may have a fever.


A viral or bacterial infection can affect various parts of the body and often leads to a fever. Some examples of common infections include colds, flu, ear infections, and gastroenteritis.

Recent vaccination

Your child may also develop a fever after receiving a vaccination. A fever signifies that your immune system is working to build immunity against the inactivated versions of the disease-causing agent present in the vaccine. Fevers due to this reason are often short-lived.

Autoimmune conditions

A recurrent fever is a symptom of having an autoimmune condition like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. These conditions can weaken the immune system, resulting in frequent fevers. When your child's fever keeps returning, it's best to consult their pediatrician for a proper diagnosis.

When the fever lasts longer than 3 to 5 days, it's time to visit your doctor. If the fever is recurrent, you can also keep a fever diary to record the dates and times of your child's fevers. This practice can be especially helpful for your child's pediatrician.

Gamot na Maaasahan From Your Kapitbahay Pharmacy

Getting reliable over-the-counter medicines like paracetamol help manages the pains and fever your child is experiencing. Refrain from giving antibiotics unless under a doctor's supervision. To learn more about the dos and don’ts of antibiotics, read our article here.

Here are trusted over-the-counter medicines you can find here at your Kapitbahay Pharmacy for your child's treatment plan.

Biogesic For Kids

Biogesic For Kids is an acetaminophen-based medicine effective in reducing fever and relieving pain.

Tempra Forte

Tempra Forte is another acetaminophen-based medicine that can be used to reduce fever and pain in children. This syrup comes in yummy orange, strawberry, and bubble-gum flavors.

Calpol Syrup

Calpol Syrup is a pediatric suspension containing acetaminophen that can help lower fever and relieve pain.

By using home remedies and reliable medications from MyPharma, the recovery of your children from fever can be made easier. For other sick family members, you may find helpful tips for trangkaso in our previous article to help regain their strength and health.

Please remember that more than home remedies and medications are needed to solve all health problems. The most important thing is to keep your children healthy and always consult with your pediatrician to ensure their safety and recovery. — (MyPharma)

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