Healthy Holiday: Activities & Gift Ideas Para Kay Lolo At Lola

Healthy Holiday: Activities & Gift Ideas Para Kay Lolo At Lola

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Healthy Holiday: Activities & Gift Ideas Para Kay Lolo At Lola

If moms are the light of the home, grandparents are the stars of the holiday season. Make Christmas feel brighter with these holiday activities and gift ideas for your lolo and lola!

Through our small wins and big milestones, our lolo and lola have been a constant presence to give us the support we need—no matter the distance. That is why whenever the holidays come around, we let them know how thankful we are.

But celebrating the holidays isn't always easy and smooth for our beloved grandparents.

Spending the season traveling and doing physically-demanding activities may only be suitable for some of our more active lolos and lolas. So when planning the family’s holiday festivities, it's best to consider what you can enjoy together as a family.

Try these holiday activities!

Because time and distance are often a challenge during this season, making sure that everyone feels included in the festivities is the number one goal.

So for our beloved seniors, here are some ideas for holiday activities your family might want to try. After all, it's always better if the family celebrates together.

Cook healthy family recipes together

The hours leading up to this special dinner are filled with long hours in the kitchen preparing all sorts of mouth-watering dishes. However, staying healthy during the holidays should also be one of your family's goals.

More people may be prone to indigestion, heartburn, and hypertension during the Christmas season. Luckily, there are many delicious alternatives for you to try. Instead of the usual high-calorie dishes, there are many creative and delicious ways to spin a healthy twist to your favorite holiday meals.

You may opt for a meat-free vegetable kare-kare so lolo can still savor the delicious nutty flavor. Lumpiang sariwa is also a fresh and healthier option than the fried lumpiang shanghai. If you've run out of recipe ideas, you can always ask your lola for her favorites and have fun cooking them together!

Prepare a dance number together for Noche Buena

Who says the kids should be the only ones to dance for the festivities? If your lolo and lola are active in the ballroom scene, ask them if they could be the star of a dance number.

For all the love and support they've given us these years, it's nice to show them that we're offering them the spotlight to shine this time. As they show you their dance moves, it's your turn to give them huge applause and shower them with compliments throughout the night.

But if your grandparents aren't keen on performing, you can still bond by doing simple and healthy exercises together. Here are some workout ideas you can try.

Watch Christmas movies together

You can never go wrong by inviting the whole family down for a Christmas movie marathon. Everyone gets to sit down and relax while enjoying the family's warm and lighthearted comfort. Pick a movie that will get lolo and lola laughing throughout the night. Laughter, after all, is one of the easiest ways to relieve stress and soothe tension.

Aside from these suggestions, there are plenty more for you to try. It's best to think outside of the box for the ones who've given us their unconditional love! Still looking for gift ideas for grandparents? Here are some you can find from your Kapitbahay Pharmacy.

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For many families, the Christmas season is the only time in the year when everyone can catch up for quality time together. Some relatives would even fly across the world to see their family smile. And that is why this holiday is so special for our grandparents.

Seeing the whole family together to share food and stories doesn't happen every day. So to make this season the best time, try out these holiday activities where your grandparents can participate and be the season's stars. — (MyPharma)

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