Can’t Enjoy the Feast? Treating the Holiday Heartburn

The time spent after a feast should be as blissful as the time you’re enjoying each spoonful of the holiday spread. If you’re prone to heartburn during festivities, here’s how you can manage.

Catching sight of the Noche Buena feast is enough to make anyone’s mouth water and crave generous bites out of each dish. And as it’s the perfect time to indulge, there shouldn’t be a reason why you shouldn’t. However, enjoying these delicious offerings should also be done in moderation. Come Christmas time, more individuals begin to experience the upsetting effects of indigestion.

Nothing could disrupt the holiday mood more than the slow-burning feeling climbing up your throat. And though acid reflux may seem like an unpredictable phenomenon, there are more ways than one to prevent it from happening. The annual holiday heartburn can cease to be your household’s regular Christmas visitor. But to prevent it, you should also understand how it occurs in the first place.

Understanding Holiday Indigestion

The culprit behind your post-dinner discomfort is known by many names, such as heartburn, acid reflux, and acid indigestion. But there shouldn’t be any cause of confusion because the bottom line remains the same. All these names indicate when the muscles around the esophagus relax and allow stomach acid to come up the throat. When this happens, you may experience a burning sensation on your chest, which you know as heartburn. Some people may also have a sour and bitter taste in their mouths as the acid rises.

These symptoms usually occur after eating a big meal and laying down to rest. And so, if you want to save yourself and the whole family from the trouble, following a few practices would be enough to keep acid reflux away or at least minimize its effects. Here are some tips to keep in mind over the holidays.

Savor the feast, eat smaller portions

Taking a whiff of all the dishes laid out for the holiday feast almost seems impossible to resist. Thankfully, avoiding heartburn doesn’t mean withdrawing from the dinner table entirely. You just have to eat more mindfully. Eat smaller portions of the dishes you want to eat to keep your stomach acid under control. When you eat, your stomach produces acid, depending on the amount of food you consume. And so, the more you eat, the more acid is produced.

Avoid food that triggers indigestion

There are several food items known to trigger acid reflux. But it’s best to know what more likely causes yours because it may vary for each person. The most common culprits are spicy and fatty food, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, and citrus sauces. If your stomach is susceptible to any of these food choices, you may want to cut back to save yourself from future discomfort.

If you’re cooking, you can also use some strategies to make the meals more stomach-friendly. Go for low-fat alternatives when preparing pasta by using olive oil and using fresh herbs. And instead of stir-frying vegetables, roasting or broiling would be a healthier choice to lessen grease.

Go for walks after a meal

Lying down after a delicious meal may seem the most indulging way to cap off the night. But this doesn’t immensely help with digestion. By resting your body down, you’re making it more challenging for your stomach to digest your food properly. Instead, let gravity help digestion by simply sitting upright or going for a short walk to keep the food down.

Take Kremil-S Advance

Though the tips we’ve mentioned may not absolutely keep acid reflux away, there are also over-the-counter medicines that can help you out. Antacids are products you may consume that help neutralize acid and reduce its effects.

With Kremil-S Advance, you get a combination of antacids in a convenient chewable tablet that relieves heartburn and hyperacidity in as fast as 5 minutes. Each tablet also contains Famotidine that can help reduce acid production for up to 10 hours. Take this medication for the relief of severe hyperacidity and heartburn. But for milder stomach pains, you may opt for Kremil-S for sufficient relief against hyperacidity.

Eating holiday favorites while sharing stories with the family is a yearly tradition we definitely can’t get enough of. And because these intimate get-togethers only happen once or twice a year, preserving the celebratory mood certainly ranks high in our list of priorities. So if heartburn and indigestion are a common nuisance, don’t watch idly by as another family member is troubled by its irritable effects. Offer them a hand by guiding them with the best practices and perhaps a tablet of Kremil S Advance. — (MyPharma)

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