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New Mom Care Kit: Essential Items for the First Few Weeks

With the beautiful journey waiting for you and your family, learn how to welcome your little one with ease and comfort by preparing your pregnancy go-bag.

Motherhood is a special journey, and it presents itself uniquely to each mother in the world. We know how preparing for the arrival of your little one can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, regardless if you are a first-time mom or not.

As you anticipate the coming of your baby, overwhelming emotions may come to light. To help ease the challenges that come with them, it helps to have a pregnancy go-bag that has everything you may need to bring comfort for you and your baby.

What is a pregnancy go-bag?

Your pregnancy go-bag is also known as a hospital bag or baby bag. This contains the essential items you will need as you prepare for the baby's arrival, even after or during the postpartum period. In a way, the pregnancy go-bag also serves as a care kit for you and your baby.

When to pack your pregnancy go-bag?

Depending on your due date, identifying when is the "right" time to pack your bags will vary per mother and family. However, it is better to keep in mind that only 5% of babies are born on the due date given to them. This means there is a high possibility that you can go into labor weeks early or later.

To be sure, preparing your things 3 weeks before your given due date is recommended. This is to ensure that you are ready in case an unexpected turn of events happens and that you can feel calmer during what can be a chaotic time.

What to prepare for your pregnancy go-bag?

The items in your bag will vary depending on what you need and want to bring. Also, your hospital will give you the basic things you will need as you prepare for the baby's arrival. You should also check on your local hospital to know exactly what you should bring.

However, while your hospital will provide most of what you will need, having familiar items with you from home is also convenient. This can help make you feel more comfortable and at ease during this time.

With that, here are some items that we recommend for you to have in your go-bag.

1. Maternity or comfortable clothes

While hospitals provide maternity gowns for you, it would make you feel more comfortable to wear something you use at home. Also, if needed, it is safe to have pieces of comfortable clothing around so that you are prepared for anything.

2. Hygiene essentials

Ensure you have your hygiene items with you, as you will surely stay at the hospital for a few days. You can also bring some makeup and skincare items to help you feel good and refreshed throughout your hospital stay.

Some essentials that we recommend for you to have are Physiogel Dermo Cleanser and Bio-Oil.

Physiogel Dermo Cleanser is a perfect daily cleanser, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic and leaves your skin feeling soft after. You can also use this with or without water, which makes it a convenient product to have with your wherever you go.

Bio-Oil is a reliable product that you can use to heal scars and stretch marks. This is also formulated to support your skin during pregnancy, which can help reduce the formation of stretch marks. In addition, Bio-Oil also leaves a hydrating feeling on the skin after every usage.

3. Medicine and supplements

If you have prescription medicines, ensure you have them in your bag. You should stock up on pain relief medicines in case you need them during your stay.

Some supplements that can benefit you during and after your pregnancy are Appetite OB Capsule and Iberet Folic Tablet.

Appetite OB Capsule is a prenatal and postnatal supplement that helps prevent and treat vitamin, iron, and folic acid deficiency. This also helps in lactation and menstrual blood loss. Appetite OB also enhances your body's way of resisting diseases and illnesses.

Iberet Folic Tablet helps you have a healthy pregnancy by providing your body with iron, Vitamin C, and B+ complex. This also helps boost your immune system and enhance your energy so you wouldn't feel sluggish.

4. Maternity pads

After giving birth, you will experience bleeding lasting within two to six weeks. To eliminate the hassle after your delivery, ensure you have maternity pads ready for use when this happens.

5. Comfort items

The whole labor, waiting, and delivery time can be uncomfortable, especially if you are a first-time mom. But bringing some of your comfort items from home and additional pillows can help give some relief as you go through this special yet challenging time.

As joyful as a pregnancy journey can be, it can also be an overwhelming experience. When the toughest time of finally welcoming your little one comes, it can be helpful when you've already made preparations ahead of time. Having a ready pregnancy go-bag will make you feel calmer and in control during your hospital stay. Ensure you get your favorite essentials from MyPharma and have them ready for the big day. — (MyPharma)

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