Here’s How MyPharma Helps You Save Time

These past few months have been quite an eye-opener. When we embarked on the work-from-home journey, we realized along the way that we could live our lives with more balance and purpose.

Taking out the hassle of the daily commute gave a couple more hours in our day to spend on other worthwhile activities. While some reconnected with their old hobbies, others spent it developing self-care habits like taking care of an indoor plant.

And as we slowly get used to this type of lifestyle, we’ve found ourselves gradually becoming more protective of our time with our newfound passions.

Even the thought of heading out to replenish groceries can leave our face with a scowl —as images of long cashier lines and slow-moving traffic flash across our minds.

Luckily, with the help of digital platforms, this tedious chore can be done quickly in just a few clicks. If you’re looking to get some help for your healthcare needs, you can bet that MyPharma is up to the task.

Here’s how MyPharma works to help you save more time for things that matter.

Fully stocked and ready

One of the most significant upsides to taking your shopping online is that you’ll instantly know which items are on hand. In contrast, you’ll never know when things are sold out in physical stores — not until you’re in the grocery aisle tilting your neck up and down and sideways looking for a particular product. Here at MyPharma, you can rest assured that the items you’re looking for are always stocked and ready to add to cart.

Information right on the screen

A quick glance at a product’s components is crucial to ensure that the item is just what you’re looking for. But in an online setup, sometimes you even have to go through the extra effort of doing your own research. This step can take a few minutes of your time, at least, and it’s something that we’ve tried to solve here at MyPharma. When you click on an item, we provide all the necessary information you need to safely determine if it’s a product that’s safe for you. You can rest easy knowing that all the items on our shelves all pass and adhere to FDA guidelines.

Easy and clutter-free

Similar to how you brave the crowded aisles in the grocery, distracting ads and cluttered e-commerce sites can take the fun out of online shopping. That is why here at MyPharma, we made sure that our platform is thoughtfully designed and can be easily used by anyone in the family. When you need something fast, you can simply type in the product name on the search bar. Or, if you want to look for similar products, we’ve also categorized our online shelves for your convenience.

Service that clears your worries

Once you’ve found everything you need, it’s all just a matter of finalizing your order. Just give us your delivery details and choose your payment option to proceed with the transaction. You can select a variety of cashless options or Cash On Delivery to finalize your payment. And don’t worry, we promise to keep your personal information safe and secure. We partner with the best payment providers so that your safety is guaranteed.

We also keep you updated with your order status by sending out email notifications. Or you can also check “My Orders” under your MyPharma account to see when your package will arrive. We’ll make sure your orders will arrive just on time. But if you run into any issues or complications, you can trust that our attentive team will have your back at a moment’s notice. Just give us a call on our trunkline number or send us a message through Facebook or Instagram. We promise to help you find quick solutions.

As your kapitbahay pharmacy, our commitment is to make shopping easier for you. So whether it’s by having fully-stocked shelves or providing reliable service within your reach, rest assured that we’ll have it done for you. Put us up to the task, and let us help keep your days free from hassle.

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