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4 Benefits of Outdoor Activities For Kids

Your daily dose of vitamin D isn’t the only good thing about spending time in the great outdoors.

In this digital age, humans are more connected than ever before because of the internet and mobile devices. Families use their phones or tablets for work and school, as well as for home entertainment. While these are helpful for play and learning, parents often worry about their children’s screen time.

So, how can one decrease screen time while keeping kids engaged? Encouraging them to get some fresh air outside may be the solution. Let’s look at some benefits to incorporating the outdoors into your family’s bonding and play time.

Builds strength and endurance

Doing activities outdoors increases your child’s heart rate while improving their physical fitness through play or exercise.

To further support their overall health, consider taking Propan TLC Syrup. This syrup is a multivitamin with Taurine and Lysine so your child meets their daily nutritional needs and boosts their immune system.

Reduces stress

Outdoor activities allow kids to release their frustrations to improve their mood and mental health. Your child may also sleep better at night as the physical activity uses up all their energy.

Enhances social skills

Outdoor activities have social benefits like teaching kids how to communicate with people outside of their families. These skills improve as your child learns to interact with their playmates, classmates, and others in your community.

Strengthens family bonds

Playing, exploring, and discovering the outdoors with your child means more opportunities for shared experiences and memories.

Now that you’ve read up on some of the benefits, we’ve come up with a few outdoor recreational activities your family can try to get started.


Outdoor exercise is a great way for children to stay active. Whether it's basketball, soccer, or golf, learning a sport together can get you and your kids moving.

Filipino street games

Street games, such as piko, chinese garter, luksong baka, and patintero, are classic activities Filipinos have enjoyed for generations and can be played with simple items, such as chalk, or require none.


Gardening is an educational activity that can help children develop a connection to nature. Children can help you water and harvest your plants at home, while you teach them about taking care of the environment.

Overall, spending time outdoors provides children with different opportunities to develop and grow. Before you go outside, though, here are some other things you can bring in your bag aside from sunscreen and snacks:

Stay ahead of dehydration

With refreshing apple and orange flavors that kids love, Vivalyte Plus Electrolyte Drink will recharge your little ones throughout their outdoor playtime.

Pack a simple first aid kit

Be sure to include Betadine Wound Solution in your first aid kit to gentlyclean up any minor wounds your child may get while they’re outside.

We hope that by encouraging your children to engage in outdoor activities, you too can reap the same benefits. Through spending time away from devices and more time with nature, parents and children alike develop closer bonds, all while cultivating a lifelong love of the outdoors. — (MyPharma)

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