6 Reasons Why Being a Plantito and Plantita Is Good For You

If we couldn’t step out of our homes, we might as well invite the outside world in.

Under social distancing protocols, it seems many of us were encouraged to turn our homes into lovely ecosystems of our own. From tiny-potted succulents to air plants showing off their slender vines, suddenly, social media was a gallery wall of your friends and loved ones’ newly adopted plant buddies. With each photo bearing the caption proclaiming their new title as plantito and plantita.

A whole new generation of plant parents

Although the concept of plant parenting isn’t entirely new, it may look like an unusual trend for tech-savvy millennials. After all, why would a generation accustomed to digitalized living be so enamored by taking care of houseplants?

For one, it may have a lot to do with self-care and wellness. Being neck-deep in the digital world and feeling burnt out in remote workstations have left many looking for a brief escape. Soon enough, more people began to discover the soothing and therapeutic benefits of simply taking care of an indoor plant.

But how do these leafy companies have a magical influence over your peace of mind? Allow us to count down the ways how nurturing plants positively affects your health and well-being.

1. They remind you to care for yourself too.

Taking care of an indoor plant may seem like you're asking for more tasks in your already busy schedule. But the effect is quite the opposite. When you start your workday as soon as you wake up, the result can leave you feeling restless as you fly between tasks.

But by checking in on your plants every morning, for example, this small act allows you to slow down and recollect your energy at your own pace. Plus, when it’s time for the plants to get their sunlight, you also get to absorb that much-needed Vitamin D as well.

2. They elevate the space and your mood.

Placing pots of plants in your office corners is one of the simplest ways to spruce up space. But aside from being a visual treat, these charming leafy friends also demonstrate mood-boosting qualities. Several studies have shown that living in greener areas corresponds with an increase in self-esteem and emotional well-being. So for those living in urban areas which are more used to seeing tall concrete buildings, a little greenery definitely would liven up the environment.

3. Being in contact with soil can make you happy.

Embracing the fertile ground may sound like an odd way to relax and recharge. But soil surprisingly carries substances that work as natural antidepressants. The bacterium called Mycobacterium vaccae is found in soil and can stimulate happy hormones inside your body. By simply taking a whiff of the rich terra or being in physical contact as you depot your plants, you’re doing your part to help your mind and body feel great again.

4. Plants help you deal with work stress and fatigue.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed at work, you might find a pleasant surprise with the results of this study. Over four weeks, some Japanese researchers discovered that taking a 3-minute break to simply sit and gaze at a small plant can effectively replenish one's mental energy. The results show that 27% of the participants showed decreased pulse rates and anxiety during these short breaks. So in times where you need a little pause, maybe all you need is to onboard the help of a plant friend.

5. Houseplants help you feel more productive.

Highly successful and creative companies such as Apple and Pixar have one thing in common. These visionaries incorporate open floor plans and lush greenery in the office. It doesn’t matter what industry you belong in. Plants seem to have a universal effect on stirring one’s creativity. This study finds that employees generally feel more productive when they’re surrounded by thriving flora.

Working on a tight deadline this week? Placing some plants by your side may just be the moral support you need.

6. Watching your plants grow fills you with purpose.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than witnessing the fruits of your labor. And experiencing this type of satisfaction at work certainly gives you a boost for the following work week. But seeing your plants grow serves an entirely new feeling. Watching your succulents and potted friends thrive under your care feels like a reassuring validation that you’re capable of nurturing living things. They give you a new sense of purpose as a full-time plant parent.

What’s next?

Now that we’ve shared all the merits of taking care of houseplants, all there’s left is to make your next step: getting your first plant baby. Don’t worry! You don’t need to have a green thumb or be an expert on your first try. Chances are, you may feel a bit confused and make rookie mistakes as you start your journey. But as long as your heart’s in it to keep your new plant friend alive, you’re well on the way towards a bright and nourishing plantita path.

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If you’re still on the fence about adopting new plant buddies — or you’re already a plantita just looking for ways to validate your monstera deliciosa purchase — take heart in the fact that plants will give you more than what you pay for. As you work to keep your leafy friends alive, they’ll also do their part to help you sort out whatever’s bothering you today and in the days up ahead.

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