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Hygiene stations may have become a household trend, but what about care corners? Take a look at these wellness kits curated for the titas, mommies, and babies at home.

It took no time to fill our cabinets and shelves with sanitizing products, masks, and face shields when the pandemic began. Along with this shift came the new practice of stocking up our pantries with a month’s worth of groceries. And although these new habits were born out of necessity, perhaps we can all agree on how these routines have also made us more prepared and future-ready.

Thinking ahead has become part and parcel of our daily lives that even when it comes down to shopping for our essentials, it should also come with a bit of planning. Buying your items in one go and in one place is the ideal goal. And finding an online platform that can help you accomplish this task is even better. But if you’ve yet to find an online partner that’s perfect for your needs, MyPharma’s here to fill the role.

To show you that we’re the e-pharmacy for you, here are some personal care kits you can assemble with us.

Nanay’s Always-Ready Kit

We’ve made this collection of items that cater to the everyday needs of mothers and to hopefully be a source of relief as they continue to fly between several tasks.

Efficascent Relaxing Oil

Efficascent oil has been a trusted liniment brand for sores and muscle pains. And now it comes in a roller-on bottle that’s perfect for on-the-go use. It’s conveniently portable for sudden headaches, abdominal pain, and motion sickness. But moms can also carry these as a swift relief for their kids’ insect bites.

Omega Advance

When moms need a quick massage for their sore muscles and backaches, they can also rely on Omega Advance Spray for fast and cool relief. It’s small and handy, making it perfect for carrying around in their purse whenever they go off to work.

Lactacyd All-day Care

For their personal care, Lactacyd All-day Care cleans and protects with its mild and delicate formula. Each bottle carries the ingredients of natural milk extracts that gently cleanse and refresh, so they feel fresh and ready all day.

Tita’s All-time Essentials

Being a certified tita means you’re always prepared to take on any challenge. Whether it’s a sudden cold or abdominal pain, it only takes a quick rummage in your tote bag to find what you need. But to help titas remain stocked and ready, here are some items you can find here in MyPharma.

Buscopan Venus

Women are experts in relieving cramps brought on by dysmenorrhea. Through comforting heat pads and stretching exercises, they’ve mastered all the simple ways to reduce pain. But sometimes, even these tricks aren’t enough to sweep away the crippling menstrual aches. For more substantial abdominal pain, rely on the dual-action pain relief of Buscopan Venus. Feel your muscle cramps slowly relax after taking a few tablets.

Lola Remedios

For titas who are constantly on their feet, the ready-to-drink pouches of Lola Remedios are the best on-the-go remedies for lamig (heaviness) and sore throat. The quick coating relief of this supplement provides a soothing menthol comfort that alleviates itchy throats and stuffy noses. So for special days that titas need to be their best, rest assured that a sachet of Lola Remedios can ward off those heavy feelings.


Before sore throat can worsen, a smart tita knows that they can rely on Strepsils to curb its effects. Strepsils’ antibacterial lozenges deliver a sharp cooling sensation that wipes out bacteria that may cause itchiness. When the seasons change and make you more prone to developing dry throats, let Strepsils be your ready partner.

Presko Playtime For Baby

Many factors can affect and possibly ruin a child’s playtime. A few examples would be relentless itch and warm temperatures that can cause the skin to feel sticky. And although it may take some work, there are definitely some ways that parents can do to make playtime the best hour of the day for their toddlers. With this kit, we’ll help you maintain that presko feeling all afternoon.

Johnsons Baby Bath Milk

Start off their bubbly bath time with Johnson’s Milk + Rice Bath. Babies’ skin can be pretty sensitive and therefore it’s essential to find the right formula to give proper care. It’s good to know that this Johnson’s bath wash is twice as moisturizing as regular soap. And it’s because it uses natural milk and rice extracts to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch. With additional vitamins and minerals, bathing babies with this wash will certainly nourish their skin.

Cetaphil Baby Shampoo

Parents certainly know how delicate a baby’s head is and how sensitive their scalp can be. That’s why when it’s time for bath time, it’s helpful to have a shampoo that’s mild and gentle. With Cetaphil Baby Shampoo, parents can wash their baby’s hair with a hypoallergenic and allergy-tested formula. It’s so gentle that it is also suitable to use even on newborns.

Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion

Make their skin feel soft and nourished with Cetaphil’s gentle daily lotion. Its hypoallergenic and non-irritating formula acts as a soft protective barrier for your child’s skin. Especially for kids who tend to have dry skin, applying a lotion will help to retain moisture and keep the skin hydrated all day.

Fulfilling your family's everyday needs is why we do what we do at MyPharma. Knowing that we've somehow helped to enhance your day, or made a particular task easier to accomplish, is more than enough reward for us. And we hope that with these personal care kits, we've given you some ideas to make your days even better. Whether it's for your daily supplements, home remedies, or hygiene essentials, you can bet that we'll happily provide it for you.

Start browsing our shelves today and allow us to be the one-stop kapitbahay pharmacy that keeps you away from worries. As you do your best to keep your family safe from the virus, feel assured knowing you have a partner outside your homes with MyPhama. — (MyPharma)

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