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Sweet Dreams: How to Soothe a Teething Baby At Night

One of the most challenging periods for parents of newborns is the teething stage. Check out how to care for and manage your baby’s sore gums.

While caring for newborns has both its ups and downs, parents generally tend to lose sleep in the few months immediately after birth. In this period, babies are fussy and not yet able to tell mom and dad what is causing their discomfort. Oftentimes if you notice that your baby is drooling excessively and or chewing anything and everything, it may be a sign that they are teething.

What happens when a baby is teething?

Teething is when a baby’s teeth comes through their gums at around four to six months old. While some babies experience little to no discomfort, others can become irritable and restless. Some of the classic symptoms of teething you can observe during this time are:

  • Swollen or tender gums
  • Excess drooling, which may lead to skin rashes
  • Biting and chewing
  • Being irritable or cranky

In addition, remember to clean your baby’s teeth and gums to prevent food and bacteria buildup. To do this, gently wipe the area with a fresh washcloth. If you have any concerns regarding other symptoms, such as coughing or a slightly higher temperature, consult with a doctor regarding the best way forward.

Tips to soothe a teething baby

If you find that you, your spouse, and your baby have trouble sleeping at night because of teething, here are a few tips you can try to soothe your little one:

Massage their gums

One way to alleviate your baby’s sore gums by giving a gum massage. You can do this by rubbing their gums with clean fingers or a damp washcloth.

Get teething rings and other toys

A solid plastic teething ring or other teething toys can help relieve the discomfort by giving your baby a safe object to bite and chew on to their heart’s delight. Be sure to frequently wash the toys so that they remain clean.

Provide cooled items

Chilled items, like a teething ring or clean washcloth, can soothe and temporarily numb baby’s gums. However, be careful not to give anything frozen as these may be too cold and too hard.

Try baby teething gels

If you haven’t yet, consider trying teething gels like Xylogel oral gel with 5% Xylitol. This bubblegum-flavored teething gel provides a cooling effect to relieve teething pain while caring for baby’s gums.

Give them cuddles

Sometimes, your baby just needs to feel the warm embrace of a loved one to ease their teething pain. You can comfort them by singing a lullaby and rocking them back to sleep.

As you celebrate this new but challenging milestone, know that if one soothing method doesn’t work, you can always try another. Teething is a normal part of a child’s development and luckily, it is also temporary. Now that you are better prepared with these tips, we hope you and your little one get the good night’s rest that you deserve. —(MyPharma)

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