Do’s and Dont’s in Dealing with Dysmenorrhea

Period cramps can arrive like clockwork for some women. But the pain is not something you have to manage all on your own. Here are some tips and tricks that can help.

Warm heating pads, bags of chips, and chocolates by your bedside seem like the go-to items when you’re curled up and braving through menstrual cramps. And there’s no question why. During this time in your monthly cycle, your body just seems to long for anything that can quell the pain and induce that feeling of comfort. But because of how unbearable the aches can be, it can also make you opt for relief that’s fast and easy. Whether it’s through the calming pressure of a warm bottle on your lower abdomen or savory carbs to fill your appetite, you will do anything just to restore peace back in your body.

However, instead of having this reactive and last-minute approach to your pain management, it’s better to be proactive. By having a healthier diet and developing better lifestyle habits, you’ll see a massive difference in how these new practices will do for your cramps.

Ready to forge a more pleasant experience during your monthly period? Here are some bits of advice you’d want to jot down.

1. Eat healthy and anti-inflammatory food

Seven to ten days before your period are when you usually start to have those sugar cravings. Luckily, the cause behind this familiar phenomenon is not at all a mystery. Due to hormonal changes during your cycle, your body tends to have lower blood sugar levels, making you crave sugar and carbs. Interestingly, carbohydrates are also used by your body to create serotonin (happy hormones), which may explain your inclination towards chips and starchy food. However, salty food and refined sugars can also cause bloating, unwanted headaches and increase the chances of period pains.

An alternative that can still quench those cravings is by going for complex carbs. Instead of going for processed food, you can fill your meals with fiber-enriched meal choices like brown rice and whole grains. You can also fulfill your protein needs with chicken and fish. But most importantly, you can still satiate your sweet tooth with dark chocolate as it’s rich in magnesium which aids in reducing PMS symptoms.

2. Stretch it out and maintain a regular exercise regimen

Due to the simultaneous changes happening inside your body, you may feel heightened stress that can amplify abdominal cramps. To keep the stress at bay, you can do aerobic exercises to increase not only your production of endorphins and serotonin but also regulate your blood flow. Additionally, as you sweat, you also release excess water in your body and decrease bloating. As a benchmark, you can aim for at least 30 minutes of low to moderate intensity workouts such as brisk walking, running, and cycling.

But for days that you can’t push your body for a full-blown exercise, you can also do stretching exercises to take the pressure off your abdomen. Stretching your glutes and lower back will help alleviate the tightness you feel around your hips and pelvis.

3. Stay hydrated throughout the day

When you’re nearing your period, it’s best to keep a bottle of water on hand. Keeping your hydration levels up can help with bloating as the water flushes out content in your stomach. You can also increase your fluid intake with fruits like watermelon or cucumber, containing high water content. What’s even better is that you can also take care of your sugar cravings with these naturally sweet fruits.

4. For severe pain, seek a doctor’s advice

When your dysmenorrhea lasts longer than two to three days, and the pain is more than you can bear, you’d want to consult your healthcare provider. Severe symptoms such as these can indicate secondary dysmenorrhea caused by reproductive disorders such as endometriosis. It can’t be stressed enough how crucial it is to listen to your body. Because although period cramps may be common, excruciating discomfort is not.

Likewise, it’s best to curb these habits too…

Drinking plenty of coffee

For the avid coffee drinker, this tip may be difficult to follow. Coffee’s reliable jolt of energy is undeniable. And for some people, drinking their cup of joe might even be an invaluable part of their morning routine. But if you wish to reduce the intensity of your cramps, this may be one habit to cut back from. Caffeine is a known vasoconstrictor that narrows your blood vessels. What this means is that the vessels that go to your uterus may constrict and therefore intensify cramps. As a general rule, you may want to control your coffee intake to one cup a day. But if you can be independent of caffeine altogether, even better.

Smoking regularly

The habit of smoking by itself entails a long list of potential health risks. And likewise, it seems that it can also affect dysmenorrhea. Although there have been conflicting studies regarding the subject, this comprehensive study finds that women who smoke cigarettes are more likely to experience dysmenorrhea. According to Dr. Wu to Reuters, the effect may be attributed to the decreased oxygen levels in the uterus as smoking also causes vasoconstriction. That is why if you don’t want to take any more chances, it may be best to leave this habit behind.

You can manage better with the right support.

Having to pause your life for cramps and dysmenorrhea constantly shouldn’t be the norm for women. Despite this being a natural biological process, there are several ways you can go around period pains too. Aside from these suggestions we’ve shared, you can also rely on pain relief medicines like ibuprofen to ease the pinching feeling. You can also turn to Buscopan Venus to brave stronger abdominal pain thanks to its dual-action effect that relaxes muscles and reduces pain. For premenstrual symptoms, there is also Eveprim that relieves tensions and menopausal discomforts.

As menstruation is a rather intimate and personal experience for women, it may seem that you have to venture into this journey all on your own. Luckily, this isn’t the case. There are countless places and people you can ask for support and comfort. And as consolation, we want you to know that MyPharma is one of those places. Allow us to be your partner not only during your rough days but also for brighter days ahead. — (MyPharma)

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