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Preventing Dehydration With Electrolyte Drinks For Kids

Drinking enough water seems like a challenge even for adults. So to help young children get enough water, here are some tips to prevent dehydration and how electrolytes for kids can help.

When kids are busy with play, eating their lunch or drinking their water would be the last things on their minds. And as parents, monitoring your child's basic needs can also get tricky when they get stubborn. But if your child goes on to miss their hydration needs, it will open doors that risk their health.

Even as adults, we tend to neglect simple activities like drinking water for more pressing tasks. However, that shouldn't undermine the effects of dehydration. People not drinking enough water can feel less focused, have more headaches and feel more tired.

And when kids get dehydrated, they can miss out on many activities that they should get to enjoy at their age.

Dehydration may be caused by simply not drinking enough fluids and other factors like extreme physical activity, symptoms such as vomiting and fever, and diarrhea.

So if you wish to protect your child's health and playtime, here are some ways to effectively prevent dehydration —plus some helpful tips and refreshing drinks you can try.

Lookout: Signs of Dehydration

The symptoms of severe dehydration in kids are easy to spot. Dry mouth and skin, sunken eyes, and chapped lips are telltale signs that kids need to up their hydration. In some cases, kids may even cry without tears.

But these symptoms only come up when kids are already dehydrated, so what should you look for before it's too late?

Kids with mild dehydration often have no visible symptoms, but there's a simple way to check. One warning sign is when your kid seems to be urinating less. But you can also examine the color of their urine.

Light-colored urine indicates that their hydration levels are good. Meanwhile, dark-colored urine tells that they need to drink more water.

If you're quite the observant guardian, you may also notice that when kids are dehydrated, they also tend to have sugar cravings. The body finds it difficult to produce more energy when it doesn't have enough water. That is why the body looks for a quick energy boost from sweets and sugar.

How to prevent dehydration

Young children are at most risk of getting dehydrated when they're sick, have been out in the sun for too long, or do some prolonged physical activity. Keeping them safe from the effects of dehydration is simple but will require a parent's watchful eye.

When they're sick

Kids' bodies tend to lose more water when they're sick. Parents should ensure children are drinking plenty of water when children are confined to their beds, whether it's due to a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. Oral rehydration solutions and electrolyte drinks for diarrhea management can help replace lost fluid and electrolytes. These treatments replenish their body with the appropriate amounts of sugar and salts they need.

When they're playing

Before kids set off in the afternoon for sports and activities, have them drink water. Ensure that they also get water breaks every 20 minutes to maintain their hydration levels. If it's hot out, they can feel dizzy and lightheaded due to the heat. So it's helpful that they get some time to rest under the shade.

How do electrolyte drinks for kids work?

Electrolytes essentially provide the electric charge that drives our daily functions. They're not only responsible for making sure that our vital organs get the water they require. They also assist in getting nutrients in and taking the waste out of our cells.

When you are low in fluids, electrolytes are on the alert to deliver nutrients and water to the organs that need it most. Some examples of electrolytes are calcium, chloride, sodium, and potassium which you can find in a variety of food items like coconut water and bananas.

There are many ways to make your electrolyte drinks at home. All you need is the right combination of fruits, minerals, and water. But if you're short on time to figure out the perfect formula, you can rely on ready-made electrolyte drinks like Vivalyte.

Vivalyte Electrolyte Drink

We know how difficult it is to juggle different tasks while also taking care of your child's health. So to make it easier for parents, Vivalyte takes the lead in giving your kids optimal hydration and electrolyte supply.

Vivalyte is an electrolyte powder drink that comes in refreshing Apple and Orange flavors that your kids will love. You'll find no trouble getting your kids to drink these when needed. Each sachet contains an appropriate mix of electrolyte minerals and carbohydrates while tasting like their new favorite juice.

However, please note that Vivalyte is not a treatment for severe dehydration and acute diarrhea in children. If you've got an active kid, they can drink Vivalyte a couple of hours before any physical activity to prevent dehydration.

Feeling fresh and hydrated greatly affects how we take on the day. How well we work and how kids perform in school can all be influenced by how much water we consume. So if you wish to protect your and your child's energy for work and play, it's time to make hydration your priority for the family. — (MyPharma)

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