How To Keep Your Mood Up While Quarantining

Productivity and progress come in all shapes and forms. Sometimes the best move forward is one step back.

As we approach the latter half of the year, it never grows old how the days seem to move faster in each succeeding time. Months and weeks seem to lose their weight, and we always get a surprise every time we check to see the calendar — "it's already that time of the year again," someone would mention once in a while. This feeling also never rang so more accurately in this time of the pandemic as we waited in quarantine. Most of us will think that March 2020 was only just a couple of weeks prior and not precisely how an entire year has actually gone by.

A lot of different changes have come with this speedy passing of time, too. Things became pretty hectic with the sudden shift in a life of quarantine. We all had to relearn traversing the new online setup. Work, groceries, or nearly every interaction we commonly had is now in this very convenient place called the internet. Yet, in the same instance, in its timely nature and efficient design, we find ourselves pretty occupied and engaged most if not all the time.

With everything going on, we should never forget to allocate some me-time. Progress doesn't always have to be in the form of grinding work. Taking a break once in a while will keep you grounded and open to more perspectives at hand. Since resting is more than just sitting idly. Doing some light hobbies or other habitual tasks is key to keeping the stress and pressure down a notch while still turning your mind active and aware. We have listed down effective ways you can spend your time during this quarantine to keep you engaged yet care-free.

Work On Working Out

A lot of us had chosen this time to work out and get into shape. With being stuck at home, time-consuming activities like going to work or getting the groceries have been reduced to being just one click away, leaving us more time for ourselves. Working out is a terrific way to invigorate both mind and body. With every hearty workout, it gives you one step ahead of looking and feeling good. You can easily buy both secondhand or premium exercising equipment with online shopping, depending on your budget. But if money is really tight, you can always turn to a calisthenics workout that needs nothing but your limbs and body. The 7-minute workout is an excellent calisthenic exercise routine that we highly recommend for a fulfilling, intense workout.

Working out is not necessarily always about pumping a sweat. If you are not the type to go heavy and you look forward to a more serene, composed activity, there are other workouts for you, too. Taking a walk with breathing exercises will also do the trick in mending good physical well-being. The walks will help stretch your limbs out, while the deep breathing exercise can lower the stress and relax your body. With being stuck at home, you can designate a place in your household and perform circuits to do the walking exercise.

Light Hobbies For Easy Fun

Hobbies are another terrific way to keep your mind off things. Although, it is a common sight for most people to be hesitant when taking up these kinds of activities. After all, learning new hobbies can be sometimes overwhelming as you are faced with something new and very foreign to you. However, hobbies shouldn't always be that daunting. We all have our pressure appetites, and as such, there are hobbies you can surely enjoy right from the get-go.

Painting by numbers is an outstanding example of that. Painting by numbers is an art kit with all the guided instructions you'll need to finish an outlined canvas. You can quickly lose yourself in reverie as you simply color and paint number-coded spaces and be further surprised at the end as you unravel bit by bit the exquisite artwork. The painting kits range from intricate colors to general painting, and they shouldn't cost more than a few bills from your pocket money.

If taking care of things is more your speed, adopting your very own plantling is a hobby you might enjoy having. They are an excellent way to keep yourself in check and adopt a good, healthy routine as you tend to their care. But also, plants are more than just household decorations. They are something you can fully invest in and witness how they would grow and blossom to their fullest potential. They turn any vicinity into a vibrant environment and re-energize the energy in any room. If it might be your first time taking care of a plant, you can go for easy to grow plantlings.

A Mindfulness Staple

This article wouldn't be complete without mentioning meditation. Many people think meditation is simply doing nothing — though it's an integral part of it — meditation more so includes paying close attention to the present moment, especially our own thoughts, emotions, and sensations — whatever it is that's happening. Meditation is simply just a staple for a great way to put things at pause and examine them in a totally different, refreshing perspective.

You can easily complement your meditation with Vicks Vapor Rub. Let Vicks make your meditation fuller by putting a more relaxing feeling in your headspace. Be it in your upper forehead or below the nose, leave every breath more refreshed than the last one.

Although if you think meditation might be too ambiguous for you and you'd want a more guided process, that's ok, too. If you still want to have a mindfulness experience yet are overwhelmed with what to do, you can try mindfulness apps. Streamline your relaxation with intricately designed mindfulness apps that would gear you towards a more rejuvenated mind. Headspace and MyLife Meditation are some of the favorites that we would like you to try.

Make use of Efficascent Oil on, before, or even after a terrific mindfulness sesh. Increase the wellness you feel in every rub.

Work-Life Balance

Being in quarantine and having everything, primarily work, always just a notification away, the life between our personal life and work continues to get even blurrier. It's no doubt that we have experienced working on certain hours that should have been dedicated for ourselves in one way or another. Although these habits and hobbies we have listed out would surely spice up your day-to-day life amidst quarantine, finding your own time to spend with is just as important, if not more, in steering clear of work fatigue. Always give way for a time just for yourself. — (MyPharma)

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