Comfort Essentials for A Cold December

If you’re resolved to making sure your December is as comfortable as it could be, take on the help of these tried-and-tested liniments, remedies, and supplements.

Christmas time might have been every child’s favorite season, thanks to the pile of gifts and sweets that fill the plates during Noche Buena. But as we grow older, we also begin to realize that our love for the holiday has gradually taken on a different light. As kids, we used to feel restless to unwrap our toys, but these days we almost can’t wait but dive into our well-deserved holiday break. We indulge in the warmth of morning coffees and the tune of Christmas carols playing over the radio.

These are the simple luxuries we love about December, and we’ll do whatever we can to make sure the season remains as comfortable as it could be. However, keeping the holiday season completely fuss-free can be difficult amidst last-minute preparations and unexpected colds.

So if you want to be prepared for whatever may come to spoil your holiday, here are some essentials that will undoubtedly help you stay warm and cozy.

On-the-go muscle pain relief

Experiencing muscle pains and strains can make it especially difficult to participate in the holiday festivities. Luckily, you can find a reliable partner with Omega Advance Spray. When you feel dull pain, spray it away with Omega’s pleasant and cooling relief. But what’s better is that it’s also an invertible spray which makes it easier for you to apply on hard-to-reach areas to feel relief wherever you are.

Menthol for mental composure

Though the holidays are synonymous with joyous laughter, the season can also bring a swarm of never-ending chores and preparation for the family feast. And because there’s a lot of things to plan and consider, it’ll be helpful to onboard the help of a partner. Efficascent Relaxing Oil now comes in a handy roll-on bottle that you can take wherever you go. If the world seems to spin, just roll on this classic liniment on your temples to ground you back to stability.

Menthol rub for peaceful nights

No one deserves a peaceful December more than the parents who’ve been working throughout the year to care for their family. It can be tricky to achieve a thoroughly relaxing time when babies and toddlers feel restless at night due to colds. Thankfully, Vicks Babyrub is here to the rescue with the fragrances of eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender. Massage this soothing ointment on your kid’s chest, neck, and back to ease their cough and congestion.

Lagundi for cough-free December

Is your family prone to sicknesses too during Christmas? Due to the change of weather and as allergy triggers become more rampant, December is also the season of coughing fits and congested sinuses. We know how these symptoms are enough to spoil the yuletide fun. So don’t wait a minute longer before you treat these illnesses away. Stock your shelves with Ascof infused with Lagundi that delivers a cooling sensation to treat irritable coughs and ease airways. Get this today in menthol syrup or tablet form for the soothing comfort of kids and adults at home.

Neufemme for the women you love

The Christmas season is the perfect time to show your loved ones how much you care. So if you have titas and friends who may be going through the phase of menopause, let them know you're by their side with Bionutra Neufemme's premium dietary supplements for women. Each red capsule contains herbal extracts derived from Mung Beans and Eucommia bark that works to ease the painful symptoms of menopause.

We’re here for you, kapitbahay

Here at MyPharma, we wish all families to have the merriest of holidays full of cheer and laughter. We know how challenging the past year must have been, and that’s why we’re here to make sure that you can find a partner for your healthcare needs this season.

For sudden illnesses and colds, we’ll be ready to deliver your essentials on the same day! Orders placed before 3 PM in Metro Manila can enjoy our Same Day Delivery service for a reasonable fee. And if you have further inquiries, just drop us a message on Facebook and Instagram so we can help you out. We’ll make sure to do everything we can to sweep away the holiday stress and fill your days with more comfort. Don’t forget to join our Masiglang Pasko ng Pamilya Giveaway and get the chance to win ₱13,000 worth of prizes for the family!

When the colds this December are too much to bear, you can rest assured we’ll be by your side to offer the warmth of a reassuring hand. With your kapitbahay pharmacy, feel armed and ready to make the best out of this season. — (MyPharma)

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