Immunity Boosters & Where To Find Them

Stocking up with Vitamin C and Zinc supplements has become a primary measure to boost our health and protection. But if supplies are mostly out of stock, here's how you can get by.

As online shopping fills our needs for safe and accessible platforms, it is now easier to find and acquire the essentials we need. Looking for vitamins and supplements is as easy as typing in the right keywords and placing them on your mobile cart. But the last few months have also brought up the challenge of dealing with out-of-stock banners.

For some customers, it can be tricky to find a complete stock of popular vitamins online. It can take weeks or months before new stock arrives, leaving parents and families on the brink of distress. But though this may be the case, many alternative brands can also swing to your rescue. For now, let's dive into Vitamin C + Zinc supplements.

The Power of Vitamin C + Zinc

This vitamin and mineral combination reached a height of popularity as news of the pandemic broke out. And what mostly brought people's attention is its powerful immune-boosting benefits. Although several studies can attest that Vitamin C and Zinc don't directly affect the improvement of COVID-19 symptoms, the combination does serve a mighty boost to bulk up your body's defenses.

Taking a daily dosage of this dynamic duo improves your immune response against viral illnesses such as flu and colds. As Zinc amplifies your white blood cell's ability to fight off infection, the antioxidant properties of Vitamin C can help speed up recovery.

However, for robust protection against all kinds of sicknesses, the key is always found in proper diet and exercise. So while you're supplementing with Vitamin C and Zinc, always make sure that you're eating the right food that gives you plenty of varied nutrients.

Color your plate with nutrition

Eating a balanced diet is one of the best advice you can get from your doctor that, sadly, often has no follow-through. However, filling up your regular meals with colorful fruits and vegetables is the finest way to unlock a hefty amount of vitamins and minerals.

As a rule of thumb, you may consider grouping food by color to understand their health benefits. Red pigmented fruits like strawberries and tomatoes are rich in Vitamins C and A and other powerful antioxidants. Meanwhile, yellow and orange pigmented food is attractive for boosting your immune system and sharpening your vision.

However, you can also find the highest levels of carotenoids that are great for your eyes with green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach. On the other hand, food with blue and purple hues, such as cranberries and eggplants, carries glowing nutrients to boost your memory function and soften the signs of aging.

It's most likely you already have a go-to brand when replenishing your vitamin and mineral supply. But if you're finding it tricky to know when they'll be restocked, we got you covered. Here are highly-recommended brands you can easily find here at MyPharma.

Poten-Cee with Zinc

If you’re looking for Vitamin C, Poten-Cee is the brand to go for. Do you prefer sugar-coated or chewable tablets? Whichever kind you like, this brand has it for you. A new addition on their line is Poten-Cee with Zinc which gives you 500mg of Vitamin C and 10mg of Zinc in each capsule.

Bewell-C with Zinc

For acidic people that are looking for stomach-friendly Vitamin C, Bewell-C comes highly recommended. Get your daily dose of non-acidic Sodium Ascorbate and Zinc with Bewell-C Zinc Protect. Boost your everyday protection without the fuss of an upset stomach.


When you’re looking for daily supplements, you may also want to consider the heavy-duty support of Conzace. You’ll find the highest levels of Zinc and Vitamins A, C, and E in this all-in-one supplement. So if you want to set up your body for success and heightened immunity, you can’t go wrong with this multivitamin.

Aside from Vitamin C and Zinc, what are other supplements you’ve come to rely on these days? We’ll make sure to have them ready and fully stocked just for you. Visit us on our Facebook page to send your inquiries. Or you can simply browse from our vast selection of over-the-counter medicines and experience first-hand what it’s like to shop here at your #KapitbahayPharmacy. — (MyPharma)

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