7 Ways To Bounce Back From Work Fatigue

Starting a new job or getting promoted at work can give you a surge of positive energy that can last for weeks. And the effect works just like a spell. You're eager to go the extra mile, finish tasks way before the deadline, and even take on more initiatives for the whole team.

But as the weeks pass by and the novelty wears off, it may seem that it's become harder to be as efficient as when you began. You would think that taking a nap or getting a complete eight-hour sleep will do the work to replenish your energy—only to wake up and still feel tired.

If the exhaustion is something you can't seem to shake off and it's become harder to find motivation, these are likely signs that you might have work fatigue.

When you find yourself in this situation, it can be tricky to get back on track. However, on the brighter side, you don't need to manage this venture all on your own. With the help of your close friends and few tweaks in your routine, you'll be able to navigate your way back to a productive path.

But first, time to clear misconceptions.

You'll be wise to know that sleep and proper rest don't quite mean the same thing. Getting enough sleep every night is just one part of the grand picture. So if you intend to fully restore your overall drive and motivation, it also requires seeking other ways to fill your cup. Here we'll show you seven different ways to reclaim your energy and bounce back from work fatigue.

1. Unwind and flex your body.

Keep in mind that there are two kinds of physical rest: passive and active. Passive resting, such as sleeping and taking an afternoon nap, is probably the most popular definition of recharging your body. But taking care of your sleep cycle shouldn't be the only tool in your arsenal. You should also invest in active resting. This second type involves activities such as yoga and stretching, where you get to ease your muscles and flex your limbs after a long day of work.

2. Disconnect and thrive in the quiet.

While you're accustomed to facing your computer all day, this also creates an environment where you're constantly on alert. With your phone just being a pocket away, online notifications from friends and colleagues alike can also reach you at any hour of the day, even during nighttime. But it's important to give yourself enough time to empty your mind. Set clear boundaries when you can unplug from digital devices. Turn this into a habit and see the difference it makes to clear your mental clutter.

3. Slow down and meditate.

Charging through each day with caffeine running through your veins can lead to frantic mornings. And when you're often juggling two to three tasks at a time, this frazzled state can be a recipe for errors. Don't let your work performance dwindle any further. Discover the merits of slow mornings and doing things at your own pace. By meditating or keeping a journal, you'll be able to clear some headspace for your peace of mind.

4. Seek time for personal creativity.

Repetitive tasks and monotonous work environments can leave you feeling uninspired as the days go by. And when it comes to the point where you feel tired of the same old routine, you might need some creative rest. Spend some time outdoors for a change of view or take up some art materials and get crafty. Maybe all you need to feel like yourself again is to reunite with the feeling of being inspired. If your career involves churning out new ideas every week, maybe this is what you need to deliver some fresh concepts onto the plate.

5. Swap out the caffeine with more water.

It's hard not to fall in love with coffee. It's a cup filled with aromatic wonder, and you can personalize your blend however you want. But most importantly, it gives you the jolt of energy you need to kickstart the day. However, being caffeine-dependent can also leave you in want of proper hydration. Keeping your body hydrated throughout the day helps with maintaining your energy levels and mental clarity.

And if you seldom take sips of water, you may feel like you're running low on energy —especially once the caffeine is out of your system. Aside from having that cup of coffee on your desk, don't forget to keep a reasonably-sized water tumbler by your side, too, as you work.

6. Get in touch with your support crew.

Having your life revolve around your work can make you want some quality time with the people who matter most. When you're often trying to please co-workers and deliver tasks that guarantee wide applause, you may also need some time to honestly express yourself to your closest loved ones. Reconnect and recharge your social battery by surrounding yourself with positive people.

7. Adopt a leafy green friend.

There is a sheer number of benefits in taking care of an indoor plant. Apart from livening up your office space or home interiors, they also help refresh your mental state. Several studies support the positive influence of plants in an office space. And not only do they aid in boosting your mood, but they also assist in increasing productivity in the room. Plus, having a small leafy friend to greet in the morning might be a better way to start the day than going straight to your computer.

Boost your daily fuel

Recovering from work fatigue is a whole process on its own. And as you recalibrate and figure the way out, it helps to have additional support by your side to arm you with the energy and vitamins you require.

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Whether you're working in an office, on the field, or reaping the benefits of a work-from-home setup, we all need time to properly rest and recuperate before starting a new day. But if you feel that it's become more challenging to get up from bed, maybe completing your sleep cycles shouldn't be the only rest you're getting.

Sometimes you also need to see if you're spending enough moments with your loved ones or just need a change of view. Seek the type of rest you're genuinely in need of and see how it effectively restores your drive to flourish.

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