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Ano Ang Antibiotics at Paano Ang Tamang Paggamit Nito?

This article discusses how antibiotics work and its proper usage. This article will also share that prescription medicine is now available in MyPharma.

Relying on natural home remedies when the family gets sick is a distinct practice in Filipino households. When a loved one feels the slightest cold or cough, you're ready with a cup of warm tea or Vicks vapor rub to nurse them back to health. You may even have a health kit packed with all the essential over-the-counter medicines to manage various symptoms.

But in protecting your family from sicknesses, you must also be wary of misconceptions about the usage of certain medicines.

Until now, many people may still believe that taking antibiotics instead of over-the-counter medicines is a far more effective treatment for their symptoms.

In the country, self-medicating with antibiotics is widespread, with a prevalence of 31-66%. Self-medication makes many families and communities vulnerable to the misuse of antibiotics and the effects of antimicrobial resistance.

To help curb this practice, here are some things you should know about properly using antibiotics.

Ano at para saan ang antibiotic?

Antibiotics are used for infections caused by bacteria. This medication works by preventing and killing bacteria. In doing so, antibiotics help our immune system fight off infection from bacteria.

However, antibiotics do not work against viruses that could cause a viral infection. These symptoms could appear as a common cold, cough, sore throat, or a low fever. In these cases, taking antibiotics will not hasten recovery. For helpful tips on combating flu and colds, check out our previous article for everything you should know.

Epekto ng sobrang pag inom ng antibiotic

It would be best if you took antibiotic treatment only upon your doctor's advice. Otherwise, you may be surprised to experience unwanted side effects such as allergic reactions, nausea, and diarrhea.

Improper usage of antibiotics may also lead to antibiotic resistance, which makes it difficult for your body to fight off infections. If bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, this compromises treatment and may impact future medical costs.

Tamang paggamit ng antibiotic

1. Use only when necessary.

Antibiotic resistance has a huge impact on the health of many communities around the world. And that is why it's important to promote the proper use of antibiotics even more. It is vital to take antimicrobials only when necessary and upon the guidance of your healthcare provider.

Some mild cases of bacterial infections may improve without antimicrobial medicine. However, here are some guidelines to know when it may warrant the need for more serious treatment:

  1. When the infection is unlikely to improve without antibiotics
  2. The infection could be transmitted to others
  3. Shows signs that it could lead to more serious complications

2. Follow the doctor's prescription.

Make sure you have a prescription from your doctor before taking an antimicrobial. Your healthcare provider should give you instructions on consuming the medicine, including the frequency and dosage.

3. Finish treatment and don't skip doses.

Follow the treatment plan until the end to ensure the antibiotic medicine is effective, and the bacteria is fully eliminated. Skipping doses could impact effectiveness, while taking more than necessary may worsen side effects.

4. Store the medicine properly

When you receive your antimicrobial medicine, store them in a cool and dry place. Some manufacturers may recommend keeping the medicine in the refrigerator. So make sure to read the medicine's instructions for storage. Ensure that you keep these away from light, heat, moisture, and from the reach of curious children.

5. Avoid and prevent sharing antibiotics

Sharing antimicrobial medicine is rampant in many Filipino households, and it's a practice we want to correct. Taking someone else's antibiotic as one's own medication could lead to more harm and worsen antibiotic resistance. If you feel that your symptoms are not getting any better, consult your doctor for a proper prescription and treatment plan.

If you're looking for a safer and more convenient way to purchase your medicines, feel free to get your prescription medicines here at MyPharma. You only need to upload your doctor's prescription, and our pharmacist will help you through your transaction.

Sharing helpful tips and reminders for your health is what we do here at your Kapitbahay Pharmacy. And you can be a good kapitbahay, too, by sharing this information with your friends and loved ones. Let us take better care of our communities by promoting healthy practices and the proper usage of medicines. — (MyPharma)

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