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With the current situation doing its best to fuel your worries, MyPharma is your helpful guide to clear the fears away.

These days, we tend to examine things with sharper eyes and ears. Each minute, news of health protocols and updated vaccine rollouts fill the pages of our social media. But because there's always a sheer amount of information to absorb, it can get challenging to keep track and filter reliable material. To stay on top of our safety game, we do our best to glide through each piece of information with keen attention.

It's almost as if we're constantly trained to figure out which sources to trust.

Likewise, you do the same when it comes to scouring the web for your next online purchase. From social media reviews to the FAQs page, you make sure to read all the fine print for a safe and guaranteed investment. Being a tad bit meticulous is required when it concerns your safety and welfare in these uncertain times. After all, who wants to lend their personal details to an unknown vendor?

Shopping for your family's stock of vitamins and medicines, therefore, can be tricky when it happens online. There is a lot to consider when choosing the right shopping platform for you. From proven credibility, service reliability to attentive and friendly customer service, these factors can be on top of your mental checklist when deciding where to buy.

And if you're still making up your mind if MyPharma is the right choice for you, we're here to show you that we are. Read on and learn how we ease the worries for your health and security.

One-stop-shop for healthcare needs

Juggling several responsibilities at the same time can leave you worn out. And because we want to be your helpful partner, we make sure that you can get all your healthcare necessities in just a few clicks in MyPharma. We provide you a comprehensive product catalog to choose from, so you won't need to look for anywhere else. Whether it's for topical skin remedies, daily vitamins, or cough treatments for kids, we ensure that our online shelves are readily stocked for your needs.

Safer is our promise.

We've created a shopping experience that's safer for you. All of the items that we carry in MyPharma are genuine and have gone through stringent processes to ensure their safety. We partner with the best secure payment providers, so your personal details are protected when you transact with us. So whether you prefer to pay with credit or your e-wallet, you can fulfill your purchase with no trouble. But if you'd instead go for Cash on Delivery, no worries. We also offer that option, and we'll keep our six-foot distance to maintain safety protocols.

Service that's sigurado

Found yourself in a situation where you need assistance? No need to fret. You can tap for help from our various communication channels. We're always available to answer your queries and concerns through e-mail, trunkline number, and social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. We promise to give you the information you require to make the best decision.

After making your purchase, you can also track your order status via e-mail notifications. Or you can also use our online tracker that you can access under your MyPharma account. Rest assured that your packages will be handled with utmost care upon delivery. We're backed by the strong logistics support of Dygen Pharma Distribution Corporation (DPDC) to ensure your goods are carried by the best team there is.

Ready to make shopping easy?

To begin your journey with us, all you need to do is sign up for an account. After that, it will be a smooth and easy process of finding the items required by you and your family.

When our customers purchase from MyPharma, we see it as a sign of their trust. And trust is not something that we take lightly. We promise that we'll never fall short in providing the best quality service you deserve with each transaction you make on our platform.

When you're nervous about the times ahead, MyPharma will remain as the safe place that you can always count on.

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