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Eczema Sa Kamay? Find Your Remedy With Elica

When eczema strikes and affects your day, know that you have a partner with Elica to help you manage and relieve irritated skin.

From gentle and precise things like texting on our phones to doing rigorous work like cleaning our backyard, our hands have been nothing but reliable partners for us. They assist us in doing our daily chores and tasks that we need to perform and accomplish.

Our hands enable us to do so many things, from touching, holding, feeling, and more. Day-to-day living can be difficult without this indispensable tool that we have. With that, taking care of our hands should be our main priority, especially if you are prone to skin conditions like eczema.

Ano ang eczema sa kamay?

Hand eczema is a common type of eczema that is also referred to as dermatitis. Contact allergens and irritating substances trigger this kind of eczema, along with chemical irritants in the environment. People who are also frequently exposed to detergents and solvents tend to have a thinner protective barrier on their palms, which makes them more prone to this painful skin condition.

Common signs and symptoms of hand eczema are the following:

  • Crusting or peeling skin
  • Itchiness (especially in the affected area)
  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Dryness

Some severe conditions are bleeding, soreness, cracking, and blisters appearing on the hands. If such conditions last long, dealing with eczema can be hard and painful, affecting one’s ability to perform and carry out daily tasks.

Please note as well that eczema isn't contagious and can't be passed on to and gotten from someone. However, over time, hand eczema can impact your overall health, affecting your self-esteem and potentially weakening your immune system.

Paano maiiwasan ang eczema sa kamay?

The initial steps to help prevent the reoccurrence of hand eczema condition is by being observant and applying certain changes to your lifestyle.

Find your triggers

One helpful way to manage your flare-ups is to find the cause and what certain allergens or irritants trigger them. Doing this will help you build certain ways to avoid them and the symptoms that could affect your hand’s condition.

You may also want to check with your doctor and ask for a “patch test” that could easily tell what irritants are triggering you.

Avoid harmful products

Be wary and mindful whenever you’re washing your hands with soap or even rubbing your hands with sanitizers. Many of the products we use to clean our hands may contain harmful ingredients that can affect our skin. Instead, it would be better to use soaps that say “cleansing bars” and are lipid-free as they are gentler on the skin. You might also want to avoid sanitizers like alcohol and solvents as they contain ingredients that can irritate your skin.

Manage your flare-ups

If you’re experiencing cracks and even bleeding due to your flare-ups, managing them will help your skin heal faster. You can also try the “soak and smear” to help manage your skin condition.

Simply soak your hands in lukewarm water for 5 to 10 minutes, then dry them with a clean towel and apply a petroleum-based ointment on your hands. You can also wear gloves and leave them on for 30 minutes.

Manage stress

Stress may actually influence a case of hand eczema. When a person is under a lot of stress, their body produces cortisol and epinephrine. These hormones suppress one’s immune system and eventually cause skin inflammation, which can subsequently lead to eczema. Keep your overall health in tip-top condition by learning how to manage your stress levels.

Ano ang mabisang gamot sa eczema sa kamay?

Knowing what triggers your eczema can help prevent your hands and skin from experiencing irritation. Having a skincare routine for your hands is also advisable to help you protect your skin from irritants that can harm and trigger conditions like eczema.

Gamot para sa eczema sa kamay: Elica Ointment

While there is no exact way to cure eczema, you can certainly manage the symptoms by using moisturizers.

Elica Ointment or Mometasone Furoate is formulated to relieve symptoms caused by skin conditions like eczema. It helps build and restore your skin’s barrier and acts as the first line of defense to fight against the harmful irritants that can affect your skin.

Our hands are delicate, helpful, and reliable body parts that help us achieve many things. But sometimes it can’t be helped that our hands are exposed to outside irritants and harsh chemicals from the products we use. So when skin conditions like eczema strike and irritate our skin, it is important that we know how to treat, take care and give relief to our hands. — (MyPharma)

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