3 Positive Reasons Why Kids Should Play

When kids are allowed to play, it's not just a couple of hours simply playing with their toys and friends. It’s a whole session where they get invaluable time to enrich their growth and development.

There's nothing that can make a parent happier than seeing their child grow, develop, and reach their utmost potential. That's why at an early age, many children are supported by their parents in extra-curricular activities and enrolled in academic courses to enhance their skills. And at the end of the day, little to no time of absolute play is left for kids to enjoy.

Although enrolling kids in these enriching activities can set them up for success, it may also be that most parents are downplaying the benefits of play. Apart from ensuring that kids are armed with the academic tools they need to become full-fledged adults, they should also have enough time to explore on their own, as long as they can. Because when children freely get to play, they get to hone their skills of how to interact and respond to the world about them. Here are three compelling reasons why playing is essential to your child's development to give you more insight.

Play is the best form of physical exercise

When parents all across the globe worry about child obesity, it's safe to say that letting kids run and frolic under the sun may be the simple solution. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the role of active play in promoting physical health in children under five years and even recommends that children have at least 180 minutes of daily physical activity.

Through playful exercises, kids can exert their muscles and promote their physical development. Children get to hone their motor skills, learn how to balance, and improve their hand-eye coordination as they engage in all sorts of activities that ask them to crawl, walk, and catch a ball. But the benefits don't stop there. The energy they spend also helps regulate their bodies, leading to healthier appetites and sounder sleeping habits.

They get a massive boost in confidence

Do you remember the first errand you did as an adult? It may be the first time you traveled alone or paid your share of the household's bill. Most of us would regard these moments as milestones that we would recall with pride. For kids and how they discover new ways to play, it's also the same experience. Through play, children are exposed to opportunities where they learn discipline and self-control. They learn how to be independent and how to manage their feelings. And it is through friendly interaction with their playmates that they also discover how to compromise.

They get creative in the face of challenges

Child-driven play means letting your kids take the lead in how they choose to engage with their environment. Some parents may raise their eyebrows, but there is a great reason why this sort of play is beneficial to a child's growth. In most cases where an adult and child play, kids tend to follow the established rules of the adult. And what this entails is the child losing some of the usual benefits that play offers, like how it allows them to develop their creativity and take on leadership roles. On their own, kids are challenged and can make their own rules without the pressure and fear of making mistakes.

Creating the best environment for playtime

With all of these benefits laid down, you may wonder how else you can support your kids and their free time for play. It turns out the answer is simple: relinquish some control and let kids explore on their own. Letting your kids be independent doesn't mean unsupervised playtime. By all means, parents should keep a watchful eye over their kids in case of unlucky incidents.

But to get the most out of their playtime, parents should strive for their kids to spend less time idly watching television and playing with digital devices. While tech toys have unique benefits, encouraging kids to play with traditional toys is still vital to improving their cognitive ability and sensory development. Through child-driven play, you can also create more opportunities to bond with your child as you let them lead playtime while you take on a more supportive and passive role.

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While older individuals get through the day trying to make every hour as productive as possible, parents shouldn't be confused when it comes to their child's day. Although playing may seem like an activity to pass the time, it certainly carries many productive benefits for children's learning. Take a moment to play with your child each day and discover the shining benefits of playtime together. — (MyPharma)

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