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How To Prevent Common Rainy Season Sicknesses

The warm sunny weather bids us goodbye and makes way for the cooler rainy season. Although your mind floods with fond memories of the rainy weather, you also can't deny the risks of an afternoon fun getting drenched by the cold showers and skipping puddles.

When the rainy season sets in, we all can't help but think of nanay's special lugaw or lola's steaming bulalo. Having spoonfuls of these rainy staples seems like what you ought to do in Filipino households. But we also shouldn't forget that, apart from these comforting memories, the humid weather can make certain illnesses more rampant.

And for parents with active kids who love the outdoors, it can be hard to let out a firm "no" whenever they ask to play in the rain. After all, playing with your friends as the rain poured was also one of the highlights of your childhood. But with the health risks involved and polluted areas becoming more of a problem, it's better to be safe than sorry.

However, even if kids are kept from playing in the rain, it doesn't completely mark them safe from getting sick.

What are common rainy sicknesses?

Does your family also enjoy staying at home when it rains? Though you can all enjoy hot drinks and porridge to keep you warm, your family should also take extra measures to maintain their safety and protection.

Heavy downpours can cause flooding that leads to muddy paths and stagnant rainwater. And when left alone, these areas can host infectious diseases. Health practitioners observed more cases of water and foodborne illnesses such as diarrhea, hepatitis A, leptospirosis, and typhoid fever during the rainy season. At the same time, more people also seem to get dengue and malaria from humid locations where mosquitoes breed.

So if you're bound to work at the office or have an errand to run while it's drizzling outside, here are some tips to prevent getting sick this season.

Raincoat On: Health tips during the rainy season

Have your rain gear ready

Never leave the house without your boots and umbrella when there's been incessant rain. And don't let sunny days fool you, either. With our country's tropical weather, warm afternoons can quickly become heavy showers. So here's a kapitbahay advice: be prepared for anything. You can even pack an extra shirt just in case you get caught in the rain on the way to work.

Drenched by rain? Shower at home

Wearing raincoats and carrying an umbrella can protect you from most of the rain. But even with these on, droplets could still seep through. To avoid all chances of getting sick,take a warm shower when you arrive home. Getting cleaned up will ensure you rinse off all the germs and bacteria carrying the diseases you're trying to avoid. Make proper hand washing with soap and water a habit to prevent transmission of flu and colds.

Drink safe, clean water

When the weather's cold, you may likely feel less thirsty due to the cooler weather. But even so, you should stay hydrated and keep your water intake up. Drinking fluids help drain toxins out of your body and may be one way to keep the flu at bay. Make sure you're drinking from a safe water source too. When dining outside, it's better to request bottled water than drink out of a glass.

Apply mosquito repellent

You never know where mosquitoes are hiding. And that's why you should apply mosquito repellent whenever you have an errand outside. This simple measure will protect you from most vector-borne diseases like dengue fever and malaria.

Prevent colds by wearing masks

Keep colds and COVID away by wearing your masks. Ensure that you're correctly wearing your mask in public spaces and observe safety guidelines in establishments and riding public vehicles. When you're near other people, refrain from and minimize conversation to limit respiratory droplets from being transmitted.

At home, even the slightest itch in your throat should also warrant the need to wear masks as a precaution. Before the sore throat gets any worse, you may also want to gargle with an oral solution like Betadine to rid bacteria fast.

Make the family Rainy Weather Ready!

We all want the best for our families. And when the rain starts pouring, it's time to call for reinforcements for stronger immunity. Along with the health tips above, supplement your and your kids' defense with these vitamins for immunity protection.

Healthy Kidz

This multivitamin enhances kids' immune systems with the synergistic combination of Vitamin C and Beta Glucan. Taking this daily helps to reduce the severity of cough and sore throat while being an overall defense against other infections.

Poten-Cee with Zinc

For the adults at home, fortify your health with the strong combination of Vitamin C that bolsters immune defense and Zinc that blocks the entry of germs and bacteria.

The rainy days may make you feel cozier at home and your kids even more excited to head outside. And although you’d also like your kids to enjoy the rain and send paper boats along streams, you should never put your guard down when it comes to keeping diseases away.

But even if they can’t play outside, who says you can’t make fun rainy memories indoors? So, round up the household and practice these tips today to help your family be Rainy Weather Ready! — (MyPharma)

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