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Your Guide To Heat Rash Relief And Prevention

When the summer heat comes, we sweat more than we normally do. Here we'll show you how to tend to heat rash and some practices that can help prevent it.

We become excited when summer is around the corner. We plan on going to the beach, pools, mountains, and other more exciting places to spend our time. We think of a way to help us escape the heat and try to cool ourselves down. Despite this, we still generate more sweat than usual due to the hot temperature which can lead to heat rashes in our body.

What is Heat Rash, and what causes it?

Extreme heat can cause us to sweat a lot. Along with too much sweating, Heat rashes may form on various body parts.

Heat Rash — sometimes called prickly heat, sweat rash, or miliaria occurs when the skin's sweat glands are blocked and the sweat produced is stuck inside the body, preventing it from evaporating.

The area forms inflammation in the skin resulting in rashes throughout our body. Heat rashes develop red bumps or spots on the skin and are seen in parts of our body such as the armpits, back, under the breasts, chest, groin, elbow creases, back of the knees, and the waist.

Heat rashes are commonly caused by wearing tight clothing with little to no air circulation in the body area.

Moreover, high temperatures during the summer are another factor that we need to consider as it can cause us to sweat more frequently. Any blockage of sweat ducts in our body exposed to heat and high humidity can cause these rashes to occur. Another factor that may cause heat rash is overheating during an intensely physical workout and prolonged bed rest.

What are the symptoms of Heat Rash?

Heat Rash usually appears when our surroundings are very hot. However, not every red bump we see is automatically called a heat rash. With many other possible skin diseases, we need to carefully identify the correct symptoms of heat rash to apply medicine to it properly.

Symptom #1: Small Red Spots or clear blister

One common symptom of heat rash is the tiny red spots that appear on the affected area. These small reddish spots are usually caused by the inflammation on the skin when sweat gets trapped inside our bodies and cannot evaporate. These spots typically appear on hidden body parts such as the neck, shoulders, armpits, elbow, and chest. We should also note that these small red spots appear differently in infants. For babies, these red spots are seen in the skin folds, on the face, or in the nappy area.

Symptom #2: Irritating and itchy sensation in the affected area.

Another effect that heat rash brings would be the irritating and itchy sensation that you feel in the affected area. Sweat is one of the waste that your body releases to help cool off your body temperature. Trapping it within your body can cause irritation and an itchy feeling that you experience in the affected area.

Symptom #3: Redness and mild swelling in the affected area

The last symptom you need to look out for is the redness and mild swelling that appear on the affected parts of your body. The inflammation formed due to the evaporation of your sweat inside can cause the skin to swell and appear reddish. The swelling and reddish appearance lead to the image we usually know as heat rash.

Treatment for Heat Rash

During the summer, heat rash has frequently been appearing on our skin. Despite being common, it can still be irritating, and you want it to disappear. With this reason in mind, here are some quick, easy steps that you may follow to treat and relieve your body from heat rash.

Step #1: Cool your body by taking a bath.

Heat rash may appear when your body is overheating. Take a cool shower and try to bring down your body temperature and soothe the affected area on your body. Taking a shower can help you relieve the itching sensation and lessen the mild swelling of the heat rash.

Step #2: Apply ointment to the affected area.

Putting ointment in the affected area is an effective way to heal your body from heat rash quickly. A product that you may consider using is Physiogel Calming Relief Al.

Physiogel Calming Relief A.l. is a cream that helps soothe dry, red, and itchy skin. It brings immediate and long-lasting moisture relief to the applied area. The product is also clinically proven to strengthen and repair the skin's moisture barrier. It is also compatible with dry, irritated, and sensitive skin.

After applying your ointment, you would want to make sure that you wear loose clothes and stay in cool places or areas with air conditioning to prevent your body from overheating. Wearing loose clothes will help you create air circulation for your body and prevent it from sweating much on the affected area and agitating it.

Quick Tips to Prevent Heat Rash

Even though we can treat heat rashes, we should still try our best to prevent them. Here are some quick tips that you can do to avoid getting this type of skin condition.

Tip #1: Always make sure to wear loose clothes during a hot temperature day.

Tight clothes may increase your body temperature during the summer. With your temperature rising, your body tends to sweat, which leads to the formation of heat rash due to no air circulation in your body. Wearing loose clothes can help us avoid these instances as air can easily go in and out of your clothes. This prevents your sweat from evaporating inside your body and prevents you from having heat rashes.

Tip #2: Make sure to stay in cooler areas and avoid overheating.

Going through summer, we always experience hot temperatures in our surroundings. Being around in a hot environment can make us overheat as our body temperature increases. Finding cooler areas to spend our time in can help us prevent sweating too much. This may be through going to the pool, going to malls, or just simply sitting in our room with a fan that can help cool our bodies. If you are going to exercise or do an intense physical activity such as basketball or volleyball, always make sure to wipe your sweat, change your clothes, and do your best to cool down after the game or session. By doing so, you can avoid sweating a lot and forming heat rashes in your body through this.

Overall, heat rashes form only if your sweat gets trapped in your body. Following these tips above may help you avoid having one. Moreover, doing the treatment steps can help you cure it easily. We hope we can help you prepare yourself for summer. Keep in mind to always chill, cool down, and have fun, Kapitbahay! — (MyPharma)

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