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Putting our lives online has made social media a more saturated pool for fresh trends and new ideas. One of the most visible shifts recently is that people are becoming increasingly health-conscious than ever before. The growth of online fitness communities and ambassadors of sustainable food has steadily brought on aspirational content that dominates social media feeds and 15-second video stories. Wherever you are online, it seems that stumbling upon a friend's fitness journey and their new go-to health dish is bound to happen.

But of course, this new movement didn't just spring out of thin air. As we became more protective of our mental wellness and physical immunity, it was only natural to change how we view health. Stocking up and drinking immune-boosting vitamins have been one of the primary measures we've taken up to bolster our defenses. And as months passed by, we've slowly started to appreciate the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise. If you're keen to know more about vitamins and minerals and what they can do for your body, we're more than happy to show you. You can also read our previous article to learn more about the symptoms of vitamin deficiency.

Fast Facts On Vitamin Benefits

Proper nutrition slows down the aging process. There's no way to stop time from ticking, but for your body, at least, there are antioxidants that can soften the journey of you getting older. With proper nutritional support, you can keep the glaring symptoms of aging at bay. Powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E work to keep your skin healthy and protected from premature wrinkles and sun damage. On the other hand, Vitamin D and Calcium are essential nutrients in bone and joint maintenance to help you stay in the best shape during your golden years.

1. You produce more energy with the right vitamins.

Carbohydrates, protein, and fats are your body's fuel for energy. However, vitamins also play a critical role in converting these calories into energy your body can spend. Vitamin B Complex, composed of eight types of vitamins, works all together to efficiently convert food into the energy you can use for the day. For hectic days, you'll do well to fuel up with Vitamin B-rich food like whole grains, chicken, eggs, legumes, and leafy greens. Striking a balance on essential food groups is an excellent way to start.

2. They help speed up wound healing.

Vitamins and minerals perform several tasks for your body simultaneously. And one of the critical things they do to keep you in optimal shape is how they assist in wound recovery. Having exposed wounds can make you more vulnerable to germs entering your body to cause more infection. To prevent this from happening, various nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Zinc can aid in faster wound healing with their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

3. Fueling up with vitamins can also enhance your mood.

Vitamins' role in our bodies is not exclusive to physical maintenance, but they also play a crucial part in regulating our mood. B vitamins are known to have mood-boosting qualities that fight off fatigue and improve mental clarity. If you want to feel like your best self every day, it's time that you start prioritizing these nutrients in your diet.

Why it can be tricky to meet your nutrient needs

Aiming to eat an equal variety of all food groups is easier said than done because you can only eat so much in a day. But if you're determined to eat more nutrient-dense food from now on, here are just some factors you'd want to keep an eye on.

1. Hectic Lifestyles

Leading a busy life leaves you with little time to sit down for a meal, let alone planning dishes the day before. Often, you may be contented with just a few small bites of snacks for a quick refuel, so you won't need to pause your work. But perhaps what you don't realize is that doing so can jeopardize your career even further. Lacking proper nutritional support can dampen your physical and mental performance over time. There may be many things on your plate, but there should always be room for wholesome and healthy meals.

2. Special Diets & Eating Habits

Due to healthy lifestyle choices, you may have thought of following a diet that's strictly vegetarian, vegan, paleo, or keto. Although these diets can bring surmountable benefits for you and the environment, you must also be aware of the vitamins that may get filtered out of your system. Following a Vegetarian diet that keeps fish, meat, and poultry off the menu can make you prone to deficiencies in Vitamin B12, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids. Meanwhile, restricting carbohydrates with a ketogenic diet can give you inadequate amounts of Vitamin C and potassium that you would usually find in fruits. Having a lack of potassium may lead to muscle weakness and affect your blood pressure.

3. Vitamins that are hard to find in food

Most nutrients can be easily found in your food, but some essential vitamins and minerals are hard to come by in your natural diet. Some of these are Vitamin D, Magnesium, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin K. There are countless benefits you can reap from these nutrients. Still, if you find it challenging to see them in the grocery aisle, multivitamin supplements would be a great option to fulfill your needs.

Amp up your vitamin intake with multivitamins

You should keep in mind that although multivitamin supplements are beneficial, they shouldn’t be taken in excess. Dietary supplements are only meant to complement a healthy diet and can’t be your primary source for your nutrient needs. Taking in higher doses of specific vitamins and minerals may also cause adverse side effects. So to guarantee your safety, consult with your doctor regarding the supplements that will fit your needs.

Be energized with Berocca.

The effervescent tablets of Berocca Performance contain eleven essential nutrients that you need to start your day right. These nutrients include B vitamins with Vitamin C, magnesium, and zinc that sustainably boost your energy for the day. Looking for a sugar-free alternative to your morning coffee? Just drop a tablet of Berocca in a cold glass and enjoy the taste of a refreshing and energizing drink.

Level up immunity with Conzace

If you're looking for an all-around boost for your immune defense, Conzace multivitamins will fill the job just fine. Conzace prides itself as the multivitamin with the highest levels of Zinc and Vitamin A and Vitamins C and E.

From Vitamin A to Zinc with Centrum

Daily commitments and responsibilities make it tricky to stay on track with a healthy and balanced diet. With Centrum Advance, you've nothing to worry about with its complete queue of micronutrients to support your health and wellbeing. Each tablet contains 24 key nutrients that are complete, from vitamin A to zinc.

Stay strong and alert with Cecon Plus.

Protect your immunity and energy with Cecon Plus tablets. For those juggling multiple tasks simultaneously, find balanced support for your immunity that helps keep your mind and body alert while supporting your skin health. Satisfy your Vitamin B, C, E, and Zinc nutrients with Cecon Plus.

Get Vitamin C plus Zinc with Dayzinc Syrup

Kids and adults can enhance their nutritional support with Dayzinc available in capsules, tablets, and syrup. Parents and guardians will find it easier to boost the household's defense with these variants nourished with Vitamin C and Zinc.

Taking better care of your health will take up a considerable amount of effort. But at the end of the day, it's just a small price to pay for the long-term benefits it will bring for your protection. Get started with planning an assortment of nutrition-packed meals while also reserving enough time for exercise. For family members who may need additional nutrient support, consult with a healthcare provider to recommend a suitable dietary supplement for their needs.

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