8 Signs That Your Body Is Calling For Multivitamins

As the whole world gets pushed to stay at home due to quarantine, our reliance on the online medium gets even more prevalent. Yet funnily enough, despite the common connotation of convenience in the digital platform, it feels like now more than ever do we feel busy. It is a typical sight to see how everything is just one notification away. Where a job assignment or an important meeting can spring up at any moment. As much as this would do wonders for our productivity, it surely puts most of us on edge.

It is now an accepted fact how most of us would juggle several responsibilities at once. We would have work to attend to, families to take care of, and loved ones to spend time with. It is then unavoidable how there would be times that we'd get sidetracked and end up losing sight of our own well-being. Maintaining good health is also easier said than done, making it all simpler to forget. However, we don't necessarily need to be in tiptop shape all the time. Even without a certified health expert on hand, there are major telltale signs we can always look out for.

Keep these signs under your watch, and you'll always be one step ahead from any nutrient deficiency you might come across.

Deficiencies And How To Spot Them

1. Brittle Nails

The nail salon might be the first thing that pops up to your head when thinking about nail care but your body's intake for essential vitamins actually plays a significant role, too. Having brittle nails that are unusually dry, cracked, and in an awkward shape can pinpoint the fact that you are not taking enough minerals and vitamins. Nails are not an aspect of appearance alone, they are also mirrors of our internal,nutritional status. The average nail plate is built through all sorts of nutrients in your body. Any health deficiency we might have will surely reflect on our hands.

2. Vision Problems

Poor vision or, in particular, night blindness, is a complication that makes people have difficulty seeing in dimly lit environments. This symptom is something you might not initially notice when you go about your usual day. However, night blindness in particular distinctly inhibits people from quickly adapting from a well-lighted place to a poorly illuminated environment due to vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin A plays a vital role in our eyesight because it helps transmit images we see with our eyes into our retinas. By failing to supply the right nutrients, our eyesight will naturally fall short too.

3. Flaky Skin

Lotions and creams shouldn't be the only things when it comes to your skincare routine, a healthy balanced diet should be counted, too. Our skin is the biggest organ we have in our body. It is only natural that what we eat and how we take care of ourselves would consequently affect how it looks.

Being vitamin B deficient in particular would affect your skin by causing rashes, wrinkles, and flaky texture. It can also turn your skin more sensitive to sunlight and to other outside irritants. Our skin naturally requires these vital vitamins in order to carefully do its job as our external protection to the elements around us.

4. Bleeding Gums

Our practice for dental health goes way beyond than avoiding cavities. Insufficient vitamin C intake might be another good reason that your gums are bleeding. Aside from being able to provide tons of nutrients, vitamin C is considered to be a crucial agent that keeps gum inflammation from worsening and other gum bleeding issues from continuing.

Tooth brushing and flossing alone might not be enough. Add kale, peppers, and kiwis into the mix for your oral protection the next time you shop. They are one of nature's best sources of natural vitamin C and might save you from an expensive trip to the dentist.

5. Mouth Ulcers

A mouth ulcer — more commonly known as singaw — is a symptom we probably have experienced at one point in our lives. As sores in the linings of our mouth, they are quite known for their stinging and painful sensitivity. Eating becomes surely a task when you are unfortunate enough to fall prey to their burning sensation. However, if you find yourself frequently having mouth ulcers this could be an instance of Vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 plays a prominent role in regulating our nervous system. If you don't have the proper supply of this crucial vitamin, your body would produce abnormally high levels of large blood cells that would fail to function properly.

6. Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem that is typically caused when someone is experiencing vitamin and mineral deficiency. One would normally think that the only factor that would determine the look of our majestic locks is genetics alone. However, vitamins and minerals are just as important for cell growth and the normal hair follicle cycle. Shampooing and general hair treatment might keep your scalp fresh and clean but proper health and nourishment are what keeps your head looking vibrant.

7. Discolored Bumpy Skin

Our appearance and health typically go hand-in-hand, vitamin deficiency can affect the skin once more through keratosis pilaris: little bumps that stretch all over our bodies' arms, thighs, and cheeks. A more familiar name you might recognize for keratosis pilaris would be "Chicken Skin" due to its rough look that resembles closely with widespread acne. This bumpy phenomenon typically occurs during childhood and adolescence, but it has been regarded that it has strong associations with Vitamin A deficiency.

8. Restless Leg Syndrome

Not to be confused with simply being anxious or nervous, Restless Leg Syndrome is the uncomfortable movement disorder that constantly urges the leg to jerk up. Although the reason for the occurrence of Restless Leg Syndrome is not completely understood, a prominent study has shown that vitamin D deficiency has strong associations to its pathophysiological occurrence.

Despite the name of the symptom that indicates mostly the legs as the ones being affected, other body parts, too, such as the head and arms can display the restless syndrome.

The Wonders of Medicine

Knowing the signs of vitamin deficiency is one thing, knowing what to intake to get the complete nutritional value is an entirely new conversation. Although we may have this list to remind us what to look out for, knowing which nutritious meal or which fruit would yield the best set of vitamins is easier said than done.

Thankfully, the road for a healthy body is not a road you have to travel alone. There are supplements in our arsenal that can give the whole package to all your vitamins and nourishment needs.

Vitamin C and Essential Boosters


Take this nutritional supplement that would help promote increased energy and enhanced immune system. Enervon has got your back for any vitamin C and B-complex deficiencies you might have. Start and end the day strong with the revitalizing energy of Enervon.


Immunpro is your additional booster pack in starting your day with invigorating vitamin C restoration with added Zinc boosters to increase vitality. Prepare to jumpstart your week with a whole new positivity with Immunpro's heightened power and immunity.

All-Around Supplement Protection


Centrum is the best packaged deal for all your vitamin and mineral needs. Formulated with 23 key micronutrients, it will give you a stronger immune defense that would outlast any sort of body fatigue. Work more and Work happy with Centrum vitamins.


Build up your resistance with Conzace that fortifies you with all the rich vitamins of A, C, and E. Equipping you with these much needed essentials to complete the work ahead. Build your success with Conzace's dynamic multivitamin formulation.

We might be all guilty sometimes on putting our own well-being in the sidelines. Forgetting to give due care or focus on what our body's needs are telling us. Our pursuits for passion and work may consume our time, but it should never be for the expense of our own health. One thing is for sure, several things will come and go and responsibilities may shift and turn, but our own welfare will stick with us until the end. These supplements aren't perfect substitutes for a healthy lifestyle but they will surely give you a good running start. — (MyPharma)

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