Getting to Know MyPharma with Mike & Maya

As your new online pharmacy, we want you to get to know us better. See what makes us different with Mike and Maya.

We know how nerve-wracking it could be to buy your health essentials online. In brick and mortar stores, you're greeted by familiar faces that could point you to whatever you need. Simple questions like "Is ointment or cream better for the skin?" or "What should I get for coughs and colds?" are quickly solved because you're surrounded by people you can trust.

In an online platform, this personal experience often disappears. Suddenly, you're left on your own to navigate the space. Getting the answers to your queries can involve sending a message and having them solved only after several hours, if not the day after. But most of all, you're also left to worry if whether the products being sold are genuine and safe.

Here in MyPharma, we'll put your worries at ease.

Recreating the friendly experience from your local stores is what motivates us to build a safer place for you. And part of our efforts to make you feel at home is through Mike and Maya, our virtual pharmacists. They serve as the friendly faces that greet you whenever you visit MyPharma. But more importantly, they also represent the values that we care about most.

Meet Mike

Making sure that you have everything you need is Mike's primary responsibility. He is fair and reliable in that he ensures that all the products you find in MyPharma are reasonably priced and sourced from the best manufacturers. Mike helps us to keep our promise of making healthcare accessible for everyone.

Recommended by Mike

Strengthening your immune system is a priority to make sure you're well-protected against severe illnesses. To help you out, Mike recommends Immunpro with Vitamin C and Zinc for a combined support for your immunity and assist with cellular repair.

For mild to moderately severe pains, Alaxan FR provides a faster relief so you can ease back into pain-free productivity. Have these in stock in case of sudden discomfort.

Meet Maya

Maya cares about making health care simple and easy to understand. She knows how confusing and unsettling it can be to find medicine and essentials online. And that is why she spares no effort to be a guiding hand that keeps you well-informed of the products you're about to purchase.

So whether it's for baby products or treatment for your cough, you've nothing to worry about because Maya will make sure you'll instantly have the information you need.

Recommended by Maya

For your personal care, Maya recommends Cetaphil as a brand to trust for your skin health and maintenance. Those with especially sensitive skin will appreciate its effective yet gentle formula that cleanses without stripping off your skin's natural moisture.

Even at home, Maya suggests that you wear a layer of skin protection with Belo SunExpert. Harsh UV rays can still penetrate through windows and leave your skin vulnerable. So to guarantee your skin's safety, apply a layer of broad-spectrum sunscreen to prevent the damage.

Explore MyPharma

It will be difficult not to spot Mike and Maya here on our website. From the home page and even to where you log in, this friendly duo will always be ready to welcome you in. Allow them to show you more about MyPharma and how to join our growing community. The best part is you may even see new faces as you explore more pages. Make sure to be on the lookout for fresh faces!

We're constantly finding more ways to grow our team and improve our platform. Let us know how we can help you with your healthcare needs by sending us a message.

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