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Vitamin B Complex+Folic Acid

Folicard-B Plus Capsule 200mg/50mg/500mcg/5mg



Dosage Form


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reatment & prevention of folate, vit B1, B6, B12 deficiencies. For supplementation where folate & vit B12 are reduced due to intake of certain medicines eg, fenofibrate, metformin, & MTX. Lowers homocysteine levels to reduce risk of CV diseases, MI, stroke, peripheral arterial vascular disease & endothelial dysfunction. Regulates homocysteine levels in patients w/ chronic renal failure & to improve response to recombinant human erythropoietin therapy. As prophylactic where vit requirements eg, folic acid are increased, for the prevention & reduction of incidences of neural tube defects during pregnancy. Megaloblastic anemias which may result to malabsorption syndromes eg, sprue, idiopathic steatorrhea, celiac disease, intestinal reticulososis, regional jejunitis, jejunal diverticulosis, blind loop syndrome, & gastroenterostomy.

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