Chamomile Extract+Methyl Salicylate+Peppermint Oil+Sage Oil+Anise Oil+Dwarf Pine Needle Oil+Bergamot Oil+Cineol

Kamillosan Nm Spray 370.5mg 15mL



Dosage Form


Net Content



Per mL Anise oil 7 mg, bergamot oil 0.5 mg, chamomile extr 370.5 mg, cineol 5 mg, methyl salicylate 1 mg, peppermint oil 18.5 mg, dwarf pine needle oil 1 mg, sage oil 6 mg


Inflammatory infection of the buccal and pharyngeal cavity, parodontosis, acute gingivitis, pain after tooth extraction and during 2nd dentition, mucosal irritation caused by dental plates, tonsillary angina, canker sores and bad breath.

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