Sodium Ascorbate+Zinc




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30 capsules


Na ascorbate (equiv to ascorbic acid 500 mg) 562.4 mg, Zn sulfate monohydrate (equiv to elemental Zn 10 mg) 27.5 mg.


Sodium Ascorbate + Zinc (Dayzinc) is used for the treatment and prevention of Vitamin C and Zinc deficiency. It completely reverses symptoms of deficiency. Vitamin C deficiency leads to the development of a well-defined syndrome known as scurvy. This is characterized by capillary fragility, bleeding (especially from small blood vessels and the gums), anemias, cartilage and bone lesions, and slow healing of wounds. Features of Zinc deficiency include growth retardation and defects of rapidly-dividing tissues such as the skin, the immune system and the intestinal mucosa.

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